Don Morrison, MacGyver
Don Morrison

Don Morrison.

Credit: NASA

I was born and raised right here in Hampton Va. I graduated from Phoebus H.S. in 1981 and continued my love for electronics at New Horizons vocational school.

My career started when I was four years old with a screwdriver and my father's fishing reel. I loved to take things apart and see how it worked. When I was eight, I took the family lawn mower apart, and I quickly learned that I had to start putting things back together again and making them work. I'll have to say Dad was not happy with the dismantling only.

Eventually, I gravitated toward electrical projects. There was something about all those glowing glass tubes that made a picture and sound that was magical. I was hypnotized by them, and I enrolled in every electronics classes that was offered.

By the time I was a senior, I had landed my first job as a technician with a company that built and installed satellite navigation and communication equipment. After three years of working my way to the Senior Technician level, I began working at NASA as an Audio/Video Technician.

Twenty-four years and 4 million parts later, I am now a Senior Systems Engineer or NASA's version of "MacGyver." With this title came certain responsibilities, like being able to fix or at least tell you what wrong with something in 15 minutes or less.

I love audio.

Ever since I bought and fixed my first reel to reel recorder from a thrift store in the mid 70's, I have enjoyed making my own unique audio mixes. My recordings had to be perfect -- no pops, clicks, hiss, distortion or dropouts. It was that instinctive drive for perfection that lead to my relationship with NASA EDGE.

My future plans are to continue to do what I love here at NASA until I can retire. Then I plan to pursue a career as a greeter at Wal-Mart.