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NE Live@Transit of Venus Promo
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NE Live@Transit of Venus 2012 Promo

NASA EDGE promotes their live coverage for a major, unique and predictable astronomical event in 2012!

CHRIS: For centuries, astronomy has been an essential part of life for the people of Hawaii.

BLAIR: In 1874, King David Kalākaua invited seven British Astronomers to Hawaii to witness a rare and predictable astronomical event forever altering the way we understand our solar system.

CHRIS: Next year, this unique solar event returns – viewable in its entirety from Hawaii’s many advanced, high tech observatories.

BLAIR: As planet and star align, what will we discover? The sky is the limit!

BLAIR: In June of 2012, NASA EDGE will be here in Hawaii in the Shadows of the Sun…

CHRIS: bringing you live coverage of the Transit of Venus!

› Download Vodcast (19MB)