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    Andrew Chaikin: One of the things that makes humans feel alive is the process of exploration and discovery. And it’s something that we start out with when we’re infants. We’re wired to explore. We’re wired to make discoveries. And the solar system program is such a vivid example of that… because you can literally see the picture of things that no one ever imagined.

    These are places that you can imagine standing on. You can imagine standing on one of the moons of Saturn and looking up and seeing this amazing planet and its rings hovering in the sky of that moon.

    You can imagine standing on Io and seeing volcanoes spewing into the vacuum of space.

    You can imagine tunneling down through the ice of Europa’s crust – having a look around to see if there might be something swimming around down there.

    And everything we see shows us that we’re just beginning.

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    50 Years of Solar System Exploration

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