Jennifer Pulley
NASA 360 co-host Jennifer Pulley

NASA 360 co-host Jennifer Pulley. Credit: Jennifer Pulley

Jennifer Pulley is a speech communications and early education graduate from University of Richmond who works as a freelance actor, model, spokesperson and producer.

In addition to her work on NASA 360, she has also hosted Emmy Award winning programs such as NASA's Destination Tomorrow and NASA CONNECT.

She's also had roles on Discovery Channel's "The New Detectives" and "A Haunting." She also performs in numerous commercials, radio and print work for national companies such as JCPenney, Clorox, Anheuser Busch and Wal-Mart.

You can hear Jennifer on the nationally syndicated radio program Discovery Now online at

Formerly a school teacher, Jennifer began her television career in 1994 as a correspondent for "Buz TV," a local entertainment program.

She went on to host and produce the Emmy nominated "Brain Stew," a regionally syndicated educational childrens program rated in the 1998 Annenberg Public Policy Center's top 10 list of quality educational programs.

In her free time, Jennifer practices yoga, runs and kick boxes. She enjoys cooking, SCUBA diving and reading to and playing with her two daughters.

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