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NASA 360: Sample Return Robot
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  • NASA 360: The Ultimate Scavenger Hunt

    [Sound FX: Hi-Tech Drone]

    NARRATOR: The ultimate scavenger hunt… in a place so extreme… so far away… humankind still dreams about what might be found.

    (Dramatic music plays)

    (A series of images of planetary exploration and far away galaxies are shown at a fast pace.)

    NARRATOR: …And… there are robots!

    (Rock music plays)

    (Animated images of rocky landscape on Earth transitions to images of mars landscape are shown)

    NARRATOR: Find and bring home a rock, from Mars, with an autonomous rover.

    NARRATOR: That’s what NASA’s Sample Return Robot Centennial Challenge simulates.

    (Graphic text: SAMPLE RETURN ROBOT)

    (Graphic text: CENTENNIAL CHALLENGE)

    (A series of images of people assembling and testing various rover robots is shown)

    NARRATOR: Competitors design and build their robots to find and pick up samples like these…

    (Images of a hockey puck, a small section of PVC pipe, and a tennis ball are shown)

    NARRATOR: …and return them to home base…

    NARRATOR: … without any type of remote control system.

    (Images of robotic rovers scooping up samples are shown)

    NARRATOR: Once fired up, these robots will be running entirely on their own and roving obstacle-packed, unforgiving terrain.

    (Images of robotic rovers moving quickly through rough terrain are shown)

    (Screen fades to black)

    (Graphic text: $1,500,000)

    NARRATOR: A difficult challenge indeed - and with a prize purse of 1.5 million dollars - the challenge is accepted.

    NARRATOR: Challenge yourself.

    NARRATOR: Join the story with NASA 360 and Sample Return Robot Centennial Challenge.

    JUNE 14-17, 2012

    Music Ends

    Video Fades to Black

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