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Transcript: Kathy Winters STS-121 Launch Weather Brief
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Kathy Winters STS-121 Launch Weather Brief

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I'm Kathy Winters. I work at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. I work for the 45th Space Wing, and I'm the Space Shuttle Discovery's launch weather officer.

The weather for July 1 should be challenging. This is July in Florida in the summertime, and the launch time is in the afternoon, so that was always a concern for us in the summer. We'll mainly be watching for the winds and the relative humidity in the area on that day. If the winds are from the west, have a westerly component, that'll be a concern for us, because as we get our easterly seabreeze, the low-level convergence will cause some showers and thunderstorms to be in the area and probably be pinned along the east coast of Florida. So our main concern that we're going to be watching for probably on that day will be the showers and thunderstorms that may develop with the seabreeze in the afternoon, our typical summertime weather here in Florida.

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