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Transcript: Kathy Winters L-1 Forecast for Space Shuttle Discovery's Launch
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KATHY WINTERS: I'm Kathy Winters of the 45th Weather Squadron, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, and I'm the launch weather officer for the Space Shuttle Discovery.

We're expecting some challenging weather for launch tomorrow. We do expect to have morning coastal showers and have a seabreeze develop and push inland, and with that seabreeze we're expecting thunderstorms to develop in the inland areas of Florida.

Our upper-level winds are going to be coming from that direction, and so the upper-level anvil clouds that come off the thunderstorms will be affecting us around launch time. So because of that concern for launch and for the return-to-launch landing site weather, we do have a 60-percent chance of KSC weather prohibiting launch.

For our continental U.S. sites, at Northrop Field, we're concerned about a chance for thunderstorms within 30 nautical miles. But Edwards Air Force Base looks good, with winds peaking up to 25 knots, but not violating any constraints.

For Zaragoza and Istres over in the Trans-Atlantic landing sites, we're expecting a slight chance for thunderstorms within 20 nautical miles, but Moron weather looks good with no weather in the area and winds peaking to 15 knots.

So our primary concern on launch day will be the weather here at Kennedy Space Center, and we are going to be giving the launch director a red or green call on our constraints as we go through the countdown. And at the T-9 minute final poll, I'll give the launch director a final call on if we have any constraints for launch.

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