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Transcript: Kathy Winters L-3 Forecast for Space Shuttle Discovery's Launch
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I'm Kathy Winters, the space shuttle weather officer with the 45th Weather Squadron at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

Today is L-3, or three days before the launch of Space Shuttle Discovery, and the weather for the launch day is looking pretty challenging. We could have some thunderstorms developing in the central part of Florida, and we're concerned that the upper level winds could advect those anvils from the thunderstorms. Anvils are the tops of the clouds that come off of thunderstorms. Those could advect back into our area for launch time. So we're concerned about that, and also, we do have some easterly flow at the lower levels with a lot of moisture in the area. So we may have some cumulus clouds in the area and some isolated showers. So with that, there is a 60-percent chance of KSC weather prohibiting launch, which means there's a 40-percent chance that we could be "go" for launch on launch day.

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