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Kepler to Search Out Earth-like Planets
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George Diller/NASA Launch Commentator:
T-10... nine... eight... seven... six... five... four... three... two... engine start... one... zero... and liftoff of the Delta II rocket with Kepler on a search for planets in some way like our own.

Steve Agid/Launch Vehicle Telemetry Manager:
Chamber pressures are building. Ground-lit solid motors are building in chamber pressure.

Increasing at this time, the pressure's looking good. Ten seconds into the flight.

Recovering from the initial launch transients. Passing 34 seconds. Mach 1. Vehicle's now going supersonic. Motor chamber pressure is beginning to trail off as we're passing 45 seconds. Engine chamber pressure good steady state value.

Asymmetrical burn on the ground-lit solids. Coming up 55 seconds. Standing by for burnout. Burning out of the solids. Waiting for separation. ET separation. And we have ignition of the air-lit solid motors. Lit solid motors building in chamber pressure.

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