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Altitude: 40 meters...

...thirty meters!...

...twenty-seven meters!...

...twenty meters!...

...fifteen meters, standing by for touchdown!

Touchdown signal detected! (wild cheers)

Lander...lander init. sequence initiated!

Phoenix has landed! Phoenix has landed! Welcome to the north polar region of Mars! (loud cheering)

(Michael Griffin)
Well today you had a chance to watch a team in action...

...making something that is incredibly hard to do, look easy.

(Wild Cheering)

(Barry Goldstein)
For the entire Phoenix Team I'd like to let you know that

seven minutes of terror is going to be followed by three months of joy!

(Peter Smith)
It is my great pleasure and joy to be able to show you some pictures

of the landscape around our lander!


(Chris Lewicki)
Phoenix had finished its prime mission and achieved all the things we

said we were going to do when we landed.

We got all the analysis from TEGA (Thermal and Evolved Gas Analyzer)

we've confirmed water on the surface, we've characterized the soil properties

delivered a number of different samples to the instruments

taken lots of images.

We knew we had achieved what we came there to do.


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