Cassini: Four Years of Discovery

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Cassini: Four Years of Discovery
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Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn,
Its rings, and moons.

Four years of discovery

Approaching Titan

Phoebe's close-up

Saturn arrival

Mission control

Actual sound of ring particles striking Cassini

Saturn orbit achieved


Charles Elachi JPL Director:

"You did great!" "You did great!"

Todd Barber Cassini Mission Commentator:

Thank you.

First Titan flyby

Jonathan Lunine Cassini Scientist:

There is strong evidence now, based upon how Titan radiates energy in the

microwave that the dark areas and perhaps even most of the surface of Titan

Titan is in fact, covered with organic material.

Huygens probe released destination: Titan

Trip duration: 20 days

Huygens probe lands

Dione eclipses Rhea

Hyperion flyby

Enceladus flyby

Mimas flyby

Tethys flyyby

Dione flyby

Plumes on Enceladus

Moons and rings

Titan's lakes

Saturn's South Pole

Saturn's North Pole

Crossing Saturn's ring plane

Titan's seas

Titan's lakes

Iapetus flyby

Equatorial ridge

Mission extended...
The adventure continues

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