IBEX Launches!

IBEX Launches!
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GEORGE DILLER, Launch Services Program Commentator: Three… two… one… Go for drop.

MISSION CONTROL: Pegasus is away on the IBEX mission.

All Pegasus safe and arms, have rotated to arm.

Stage one ignition.

DILLER: And ignition of the Pegasus rocket with IBEX -- mapping the interstellar boundary, the beginning of our solar system's final frontier.

MISSION CONTROL: LC-PLT. Pegasus rocket supersonic -- attitude remains nominal -- maximum stage one motor pressure.

DILLER: See the rocket burning as it heads away from the L-1011.

MISSION CONTROL: Attitude 180 degrees and traveling approximately 1,500 mph. FAS is working nominally all systems nominal.

DILLER: This is from the long range optical tracker at Kwajalein, through the clouds.

MISSION CONTROL: Stage two TVC on. Stage two TVC voltage cut -- status nominal, attitude nominal.

Stage one separation. Stage two ignition -- vehicle attitude nominal.

Power systems nominal. Stage two burn will last approximately 70 seconds.

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