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Dropping in on Mars in High-Res
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Mission Control: Pressures have been reenabled. We will control our attitude on chute.

We are decelerating. [Background voice: Ahh!] Wrist mode dynamics...[Unintelligible] and descending.

We are at 150 meters per second. Dynamics phase, come back again with wrist mode dynamics.

Wrist mode is nominal. We're at 9 kilometers and descending.

Down range.

[Unintelligible] ...confirms we have a velocity correction of .7 meters a second! [Cheers.]

We've acquired the ground with the radar.

Now [untelligible ] kilometers.

Heat shield has separated. We have found the ground.

Voice: ...X-band tones due to Earth occultation as expected.

We're [unintelligible] in preparation for powered flight.

We're down to 90 meters per second at an altitude of 6.5 kilometers and descending.

Flight EDL, we've got some [unintelligible] warnings. to Earth communications at this time. We may have lost it already.

We're down to 86 meters per second at an altitude of 4 kilometers and descending.

We have lost acqu... We have lost tones from Earth at this time. This is expected.

Ah, we are continuing on Odyssey telemetry. Ground solution equals minus 10.8 meters. Vertical velocity of minus 81.8 meters per second.

Standing by for back shell separation. Signal to Odyssey is still strong.

We are in powered flight. [Cheers.]

We're at an altitude of 1 kilometer and descending. About 70 meters per second.

Down to 50 meters per second. 500 meters in altitude. Standing by for sky crane.

Constant velocity accordian (?): nominal. Altitude error: 5.9 meters.

We've found a nice, flat place. We're coming in ready for sky crane.

Down to 10 meters per second. 40 meters altitude.

Sky crane has started. [Cheers.]

Descending at about .75 meters per second, as expected.

Expecting bridle cut shortly.

remains strong.

Tango delta nominal!



...looks good.

Touchdown confirmed! We're safe on Mars! [Wild cheers.]

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

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