Harmony Naming Students at Kennedy

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Harmony Naming Students at Kennedy
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NARRATOR: NASA awarded a visit to Kennedy Space Center to student winners participating in a project to name International Space Station component Node 2. The name selected? Harmony.

During their visit, the students toured the center, talked with veteran astronaut Frank Culbertson, and shared their experiences with NASA employees.

QUESTION: Are you excited about your visit to Kennedy Space Center?

STUDENT: Of course. It is a very exciting opportunity for me. I am honored to be here and this is avery unique experience for me to be this close to the space station and to the space shuttle.

QUESTION: Why did you choose the name Harmony?

STUDENT: Personally I thought the name Harmony was good because all of the tragedies going on in the world right now and you think about how everybody on the space station is working together.

They are creating something that is completely awesome in my perspective. They are all working as one in harmony and it's just perfect for what's going on up there.

QUESTION: Did you face any challenges during the project?

STUDENT: We also built space stations out of marshmallows and toothpicks. That was very fun, but more marshmallows were eaten than put on our space stations!

QUESTION: Did you learn a lot about NASA through this project?

STUDENT: Yes. As we progressed through our project we did a lot of research and we found a lot of interesting things that we never knew about. A lot of Interesting occupations and opportunities available at NASA and I would very much like to work at NASA when I grow up.

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