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Liftoff of GOES-O
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George Diller/GOES-O Launch Commentator:
T- 10... nine... eight... seven... six... five... four... three... two... one... and liftoff of the Delta IV rocket with GOES-O, enhancing quality and reliability of the weather satellite for the forecaster.

Steve Agid/Launch Vehicle Telemetry Manager:
About 12 seconds into the flight.

Twenty-six seconds in.

Solid motor chamber pressures beginning to decline.

Thirty-five seconds in.

Altitude now three nautical miles, velocity 1,945 feet per second, and downrange about one mile.

Fifty seconds.

Passing Mach 1, vehicle now going transonic.

Now passing one minute into the flight.

Now hitting max Q, maximum dynamic pressure, in the vehicle.

One minute, 10 seconds in.

Second-stage systems now coming online.

Standby for sep....


Standing by for separation.

And we have separation.

Separation of solid motors one and two.

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