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Spacewalker Bresnik Talks About Newborn Daughter
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Houston, just one last message. EV1 Mike Foreman ... phenomenal mentor and leader got Bobby and I to the point where, as first-time flyers, you could take off the training wheels and send us out for an EVA. Thank you, Mike.

And everyone in Houston, I got to see my little girl for the first time yesterday. And I know that many myriad of people across a lot of disciplines at JSC and the hospital staff that worked to make that happen. They {garbled} their personal mission statement, to do it not because they had to but simply because, if the roles were reversed, they would've wanted me to do it for them. So thank you to my wonderful wife for bringing her into the world. That is the most wonderful thing I've seen since I left Earth.

EV3 out.

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