Solar Dynamics Observatory: Command Accepted!

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Solar Dynamics Observatory: Command Accepted!
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After launch in late 2008, NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) will help scientists to better understand solar variability and aid in predictions of space weather. SDO will also mark a new era in the delivery of high volumes of science data. To accommodate all the data, the new 18-meter Ka band dishes wait in readiness at the White Sands Testing Facility in New Mexico as engineers test and review operations.


[wispy, ethereal music plays]

Technician 1: SDO2 is on-point. Signal strength ...

Technician 1: Transitioning to Ka-band autotrack. Command mod on.

Technician 2: Copy that. And the command was accepted.

Technician 1: Carriers up.

Technician 2: Copy.

Technician 1: Negative signal strength?

Technician 2: Negative 66 db.

Technician 1: Copy.

[music fades]

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