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Atlantis Touches Down!
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Kyle Herring/Mission Control: Two thousand feet. Commander Scott Altman beginning to flare out the vehicle, pitch the nose up as he approaches Runway 22 from the northeast. Three hundred feet. Landing gear down. Main gear touchdown. Nose gear touchdown.

Space shuttle Atlantis is rolling out on Runway 22 at Edwards Air Force Base, completing 197 orbits of the Earth while traveling 5,276,000 miles. This landing marks the 53rd shuttle mission to end at Edwards Air Force Base.

Atlantis spent seven days servicing the Hubble Space Telescope that included five spacewalks, totaling a record 37 hours.

Atlantis has completed its 30th mission and the 126th in the history of the Space Shuttle Program. The Hubble Space Telescope's final servicing mission is complete, but its mission of discovery is just beginning.

Scott Altman/STS-125 Commander: Houston, Atlantis. Wheelstop, Edwards 22.

Gregory H. Johnson/CAPCOM: Welcome home, Atlantis. Congratulations on a very successful mission, giving Hubble a new set of eyes that will continue to expand our knowledge of the universe.

Scott Altman/STS-125 Commander: Thank you, Houston. It was a thrill from start to finish. We've had a great ride. It took a whole team across the country to pull it off. Our hats are off to you all. Thank you so much.

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