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STS-132: Atlantis Comes Home
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Josh Byerly/STS-132 Commentator: Space shuttle Atlantis now traveling 389 miles per hour, it is now on final approach to the Kennedy Space Center.

During this point in the flight, the shuttle's descent rate is 20 times steeper than a commercial airliner.

Its angle of attack, more than seven times steeper. Now under one minute to go in Atlantis' flight.

Atlantis now beginning what is known as the pre-flair maneuver, it will pull the nose up a little bit right before it hits the runway.

Its speed now 320 miles per hour. The gear is down and locked. Main gear touchdown.

Atlantis' nose being now rotated down toward the runway. Chute being deployed.

And nose gear touchdown. Space shuttle Atlantis now comes home to the Kennedy Space Center for the final time.

In 25 years, 32 flights and more than 120 million miles traveled. The legacy of Atlantis now in the history books.

Ken Ham/STS-132 Commander: And Houston, Atlantis, we have wheelstop.

Charlie Hobaugh/CAPCOM: Copy wheelstop. Atlantis, Hock, that landing was something that your Air Force crewmates should have really been proud of.

That looked pretty sweet. For you and your crew, that was a suiting end to an incredible mission.

I'm sure that station crew members hated to see you leave, but we're glad to have you back. You guys executed flawlessly.

And not only that you had a great time doing it, that was very evident from the ground. And everybody down here really enjoyed working with you.

With that, we'll get you back to work. We'll meet you in the post-landing page 5-3, there are no Deltas.

Ken Ham/STS-132 Commander: OK, Scorch. Thanks and thanks to all you guys too.

We'll go to 5-3 and we'll finish up post-landing and turn this incredible machine back over to the ground teams to put it back in the barn for a little bit.

Charlie Hobaugh/CAPCOM: We concur.

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