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STS-131: Discovery Touches Down
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Brandi Dean/Landing Commentator: One minute now until touchdown. Discovery's landing gear will be locked down and into place at 300 feet in altitude.

It's currently 3,500 feet and traveling at a rate of 370 mph. Thirty seconds until touchdown.

Main gear, landing gear now down and locked. Main gear touchdown.

Pilot Jim Dutton now deploying the drag chute. Nose gear touchdown.

That brings an end to the STS-131 mission, the 131st space shuttle flight, and the 33rd to the International Space Station.

Discovery left Florida on April 5 with 7.6 tons of new science equipment and spare parts, including equipment that should improve the station's capability for Earth-observation work, equipment that could help astronauts avoid muscle atrophy and scientists better understand muscle atrophy, and equipment that will help keep the station's systems cooling properly.

Discovery brings home with it the last large return load from the station, 2 tons of used equipment.

Rick Sturckow/Capcom: Roger, wheelstop, Discovery. Welcome home. Dex, congratulations to you and the crew on an outstanding mission.

There are no immediate post-landing deltas. We'll meet you on Page 5-3 of the Entry Checklist.

Alan Poindexter/STS-131 Commander: Houston, Discovery. Thanks for those... It was a great mission. We enjoyed it. We enjoyed working with you and all the teams in mission control. And we're glad that the International Space Station is stocked up again. Thanks a lot.

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