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STS-130: Endeavour Rollout
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NARRATOR: Space shuttle Endeavour is one step closer to liftoff on its STS-130 mission.

Endeavour moved out of Kennedy Space Center's Vehicle Assembly Building at 4:13 a.m. on a cold, predawn journey to Launch Pad 39A.

The tracked crawler-transporter carried the shuttle and its launch platform at less than one mile an hour.

NASA Flow Director Dana Hutcherson explains how the shuttle team -- and Endeavour itself -- were protected from bone-chilling overnight temperatures that dipped below freezing.

DANA HUTCHERSON: It is a little bit chilly for us Floridians here at the Cape. For the technical side of the orbiter, we actually do have heaters and purges going on the vehicle to keep the vehicle nice and warm and cozy. We were a little concerned about the personnel being outside during these cold temperatures overnight. We had the team rotating in and out -- about 30-minutes shifts -- so that they can get a little bit warm and come in and take a break.

NARRATOR: The shuttle reached the launch pad's gate at 8:45 a.m. and the move was complete at 10:37 a.m.

Now, teams can begin final preparations for Endeavour's mission to the International Space Station.

DANA HUTCHERSON: This is a very exciting time. The team is in good spirits. You know, we have a great team working with us and everybody seems to be focused at the task at hand, and getting Endeavour processed safely, and getting ready for this next mission.
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