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Personal Items Show Crew's Varied Paths
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The astronauts of STS-127 are honoring their deep roots with commemorative banners, hats, patches and even a ceramic tile tucked safely inside space shuttle Endeavour.

For NASA, I’m George Diller, and this is What’s Going Up on STS-127.

Endeavour is carrying the final pieces of the Japanese laboratory Kibo to the International Space Station during this mission.

The significance of the laboratory to Japan’s proud space program is marked by hundreds of pins, patches and flags that are going along with Endeavour.

The astronaut’s personal choices also show a roadmap of accomplishment and a path to inspiration.

There are medallions from Chris Cassidy’s service in the U.S Navy’s elite SEAL teams.

A fragile ceramic tile for the Holy Spirit Catholic School in Houston has been packed carefully for its bumpy ride into orbit.

And a paperweight designed to hold things down will be taken into weightlessness to highlight the air museum in Indianapolis, hometown of veteran astronaut Dave Wolf.

Schools from Texas to Maine and Ontario are represented, most the alma maters of the crew members.

The hobbies of the crew are not forgotten, either.

Astronaut and NASCAR fan Doug Hurley is taking a hat from Joe Gibbs Racing.

A piece of sheet music from Montreal’s symphony orchestra celebrates Julie Payette’s varied musical repertoire.

The flight is the only time the eclectic group of items will be together. Once they are returned to Earth, the commemorations will often become centerpieces in personal and public presentations.

For NASA, I’m George Diller.
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