Endeavour and Crew Come Home

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Endeavour and Crew Come Home
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Commentator Kyle Herring: Gear is down and locked.

Main gear touchdown.

And nose gear touchdown.

Space shuttle Endeavour is rolling out on runway one five at the Kennedy Space Center, completing 250 orbits of the Earth while traveling 6,578,000 miles.

This landing marks the 16th night landing at the Kennedy Space Center and 22nd in the history of the shuttle program.

Tonight's landing is the 68th at KSC.

Endeavour spent almost 12 docked days to the International Space Station, a record, leaving the station larger and more capable than it was before.

European Space Agency astronaut Léopold Eyharts returning home after 48 days in space, 44 of those aboard the International Space Station.

Commander Dom Gorie: Houston, Endeavor, wheel stop.

Mission Control: Welcome home, Endeavour.

(A Japanese welcome home went out to JAXA astronaut Takao Doi and a French welcome home to European astronaut Léopold Eyharts.)

Congrats to the entire crew, to JAXA and the CSA on a very successfully mission delivering the JLP and Dextre to their new home aboard ISS.

Commander Dom Gorie: Thanks, Jim. It was a super rewarding mission, exciting from the start to the ending, and we just thank you for all your help, looking forward to seeing you here soon.

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