L-2 Day Weather Forecast

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L-2 Day Weather Forecast
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NARRATOR: You're listening to NASA Direct.

KATHY WINTERS: I'm Kathy Winters, the space shuttle weather officer with the 45th Weather Squadron at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

Today is L-2, or two days before the launch of Space Shuttle Discovery. A cold front is located over south Florida and high pressure is building into the southeast U.S., causing cool, windy conditions here at Kennedy Space Center.

Another cold front will move through Central Florida Thursday, causing isolated showers during the morning and lingering cloud cover through the launch window.

Our primary concern for launch is this lingering cloud cover, which will make it difficult to see the vehicle as it clears the launch pad, and also could make an abort landing difficult, as well.

Due to the clouds, we have a 30-percent chance of KSC weather prohibiting launch.

From the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, I'm Kathy Winters.

NARRATOR: This podcast was presented by NASA Direct.

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