Langley Aeronautics Research HD Highlights

  • Helicopter drop test

    Helicopter Drop Test

    This crash test of a small, lightweight helicopter at Langley Research Center was a smashing success, literally -- just as NASA engineers had predicted. (mp4)

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  • X-48 wind tunnel testing

    X-48C Prototype Wind Tunnel Test

    Smoke flow visualization on a 21-foot-wingspan X-48C prototype -- an advanced concept, fuel-efficient blended wing body aircraft -- in NASA Langley's historic Full-Scale Tunnel. (mp4)

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  • AirSTAR vehicle


    The remotely-piloted Airborne Subscale Transport Aircraft Research (AirSTAR) generic transport model demonstrates software and control systems that may some day make airliners safer. (mp4)

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  • Research Flight Deck (RFD)

    Pilots Take Part in Cockpit Research

    Commercial pilots come to NASA Langley Research Center's Research Flight Deck simulator to test out how 'NextGen' cockpit technologies being developed to improve safety and efficiency may impact flight crew roles and responsibilities. (mp4)

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  • Air Traffic Operations Laboratory (ATOL)

    Air Traffic Operations Laboratory

    The Air Traffic Operations Laboratory is used to test technologies to help improve air traffic management and prepare the U.S. for a predicted growth in air travel over the next few decades. (mp4)

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