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Policies and Plans

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President's Commission on Moon, Mars and Beyond
The President's Commission on Implementation of United States Space Exploration Policy is charged with making recommendations to the President on implementation of his vision outlined in the policy statement "A Renewed Spirit of Discovery" and in the President's Budget Submission for Fiscal Year 2005. The commission will also advise NASA on the long-term implementation of the President's vision.

01.30.04 - Executive Order - President Bush creates the commission with an executive order.
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01.30.04 - Committe Members - Nine members are named to the commission, headed by former Secretary of the Air Force Pete Aldridge
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Commission Web Site - Follow the group on its official Web site,
 Exploration concept art
Concept Art and Other Images
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 NASA Looks to the Moon, Mars
NASA Looks to the moon, Mars
The President unveils his vision for America's future in space
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 FY 2005 Budget and Planning Reports
Implementing a new vision for exploration.
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