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 X-43A engineer Randy Vorland
10.27.04 - X-43A Engineer Randy Voland
Enthusiasm for flight propels researcher's interest in X-43A
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 Laurie Marshall, at work as NASA Dryden's chief engineer for the third flight of the hypersonic X-43A research vehicle.
11.18.04 - X-43A Engineer
NASA Dryden's Laurie Marshall explores hypersonic flight.
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 X-43A research Zane Pinckney
10.15.04 - From the Start
NASA Researcher Involved in X-43A Flight Program Since its Beginning
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 B-52 launch aircraft carrys the X-43A
09.27.04 - Final X-43A Vehicle Checks Out in Flight
NASA's third and last X-43A hypersonic scramjet research vehicle took to the skies today for a captive-carry flight.
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 X-43A certified by Guinness World Records
08.30.04 - Hypersonic Flight in Guinness' Record Books
X-43A Sets World Speed Record
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 X-43A and its Pegasus booster rocket accerate
03.27.04 - X-43A Soars on Scramjet Power
NASA's second X-43A hypersonic research aircraft flew successfully today.
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 Walt Engelund, X-43 aerodynamics lead
03.26.04 - Walt Engelund Directs X-43A Aerodynamics
'Nobody has ever flown anything like this before'
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 NASA's B-52B takes off carrying second X-43A hypersonic research vehicle
03.27.04 - X-43A Mission Takes Off at 12:40 p.m. PST
On March 27, 2004, the second X-43A hypersonic research aircraft was carried aloft by NASA's B-52B launch aircraft.
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 X-43A under B-52B wing
02.02.04 - X-43 Scramjet Flight Preparations Underway
Air-breathing X-43A is latest advancement in hypersonic flight
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 Artist conception of X-43A in flight.
1.30.04 - What's a Scramjet?
Find out what air-breathing aircraft can do for you.
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 X-43A team members speak at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh
07.28.04 - X-43 Team at Oshkosh
What's it like to launch a Mach 7 X-plane in a high-risk, high-payback test flight?
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 X-43 Chief Engineer Griffen Corpening in a mission control room.
03.15.04 - Profile in Persistence: A Visit With Dryden's X-43 Chief Engineer
Griffin Corpening is chief engineer on the unmanned X-43A hypersonic research aircraft.
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