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STS-113 Astronaut Astronaut Experience -- Day Three
Question Board

Shelley from Vincent, Ohio
As your launch date has been changed to November 11, 2002 - Veteran's Day, what thoughts do you have regarding similarities between your job as an astronaut and a soldier's/sailor's job in the military to defend freedom and spread democracy throughout the world?
Carlos from Edinburg, Texas
Why isn't NASA sending up robots that work 24 hours a day to help build the ISS a little faster? That might speed up the process along with the space station crew.
Björn from Trelleborg
Will you look back at your work and feel a personal and private satisfaction or did you go all the way for the US of A.
Sarah from Antioch
When you are up in space, do you feel like it was worth it to have all those years of training for this mission?
Freddie from Cleethorpes, United Kingdom
When a launch is set for the early morning...i.e.: sts-113, is the sleep pattern adjusted for the astronauts in advance if they were going onto a night shift for optimum performance.
Sara from Erie
What are the chances of becoming an astronaut after 2005?
Gwen from Houston
Once you are chosen for the astronaut program, how long do you usually have to wait before you get to be part of a shuttle crew? Is it guaranteed that you'll eventually get a chance?
Cindy from Mt. Arlington
Who decides where and what you do once you are chosen as an astronaut?
Peter from Burleigh Heads
How much control does the commander and the pilot have over the shuttle during launch, could it be manually flown into space from liftoff, if the need required it?
Sarah from Antioch
Do you think we will return to the Moon first, or go to Mars?
Andrew Baker from Rangiora
What is your biggest fear when going into space?
Cletus from Scottsmoore
Is it difficult to adapt to weightlessness and how long does it take to get used to it?
Barry from D'Iberville
What do you expect to find on this mission?
Steve from Laguna Hills
Do the sounds of a shuttle docking, work performed during EVAs or normal talking travel into or throughout the ISS and enter the shuttle areas? Can an astronaut aboard a docked shuttle hear or feel the solar arrays moving, a radiator unfolding or another astronaut using the treadmill on the ISS?
Ariana from Warwick, Queensland
When you return to a full 1G gravity environment to you get dizzy or anything like that?
James from Cananduagia
What is it like on launch day?
Duffy from Odessa, Florida
I really owe my life to the space program. The capacitor that makes my implanted defibrillator work (which has rescued me seven times) was made during research into the development of a "space gun." Which astronauts took part in this program and can they be reached by e-mail?
Cindy from Muenster
As you learn more about space and its concepts, do you feel that the universe confirms the belief that there is one true God who is the ruler over all things?
Zac from Vero Beach
I am studying to be a commercial pilot. How does flying the space shuttle compare to flying a commercial airplane?
N9OEW from Friendship
Do you feel that the Amateur Radio system aboard the ISS has helped to keep the crews in touch with friends and family?
Peter Morris from Davie, Florida
Do astronauts eat a big breakfast on launch day? In the Apollo days, I hear that they would eat steak and eggs and other.
João from Lagos, Portugal
What's the mission of this project? I would really like to know because I didn't understand. The other question is: can people see the launch by Internet? Where? Thanks.
David from Melbourne
It is said that bone and muscle density deteriorates during prolonged weightlessness. How is this corrected after returning to Earth?
Tom from Mamaroneck, New York
Col. Pogue, what sights did you see and what thoughts came to mind as your command module de-orbited and reentered the Earth's atmosphere?
Robert Smith from Collins, Georgia
When preparing a shuttle trip, how do you determine which direction to travel from the launch pad?
Bob from Opelousas, Lousiana
To William Pogue: What is the biggest difference in life aboard ISS to your experience aboard Skylab?
Patrick from Richardson, Texas
I know a question about dirty clothes may sound a bit odd but I wondering what happens to the clothes the shuttle and ISS crew wear during their missions. Are they destroyed? Is there a "bargain closet" where one can buy used mission clothing? Could some of them be donated to a charity auction? Thanks!
David Harres from Spring Hill, Florida
My science fair project this year is about G-forces. My question is what are the G-forces an astronaut experiences at liftoff?
Zhendong Deyang from China
How does the spaceship launch from space?
Zhendong Deyang from China
What is it like on launch day??
Carrie from Orlando, Florida
What time will the space shuttle be departing on Monday morning?
Richard from El Reno, Oklahoma
God bless the USA, Are you able to take any personal effects with you on your missions, like good luck charms, pictures etc...and are you able to contact your family members during your missions?
Bronwyn from Melbourne, Australia
What do you do when your mission is delayed for two to three years? Our school has been waiting for STS-107 to launch our spider experiment since 2000, it must be even harder for you to wait around and then drop everything when it is time to launch.
Thomas from Brunswick, Ohio
In order for NASA missions to get the attention of the world as they deserve, NASA must choose more exciting missions like building an observatory on the Moon. When do you see NASA making the paradigm shift towards REALLY raising the public interest level? What missions do you think would appeal to the public?
Eva from West Palm Beach
When, approximately in the future, do you think regular civilians will be traveling, living, and working in outer space?
Jay from Amarillo
What is the biggest personal obstacle to overcoming weightlessness? As in the areas of digestion etc.
Eva from West Palm Beach
About how many decades do you see it will take before regular civilians will be living, working, and traveling in space?
Eva from West Palm Beach
Can you describe how you feel when you look around yourself during an EVA? How do you feel during liftoff, a typical day in space, and then re-entry?
Frans Claassens from Bruinisse
Why does the space shuttle make a rotation a few seconds after liftoff and how do the astronauts experience this?
Don from Virginia Beach
Do extended periods in space cause any memory loss or ability to focus your attention on complex tasks?
Johannes from Koeln
Where did you apply to become an astronaut? Did you just send your application to NASA? What abilities should you have before you apply for an astronaut position?
Mike from Roanoke
Dear John: I am very proud of you. I am a Monacan Indian and know that you are a Chickasaw. I'm sure I speak for all American Indians when I say Good Luck and Godspeed to you and your fellow astronauts!!
Emilio Pérez from Lugo, Spain
Dear Mr. William Pogue - what was the most beautiful thing that you remember when you spent 84 days in orbit with the famous Skylab orbital workshop?
Rebekah from Pardeeville
What feeling do you get when your strapped in the shuttle just before launch? What is going through your mind?
Kaitlynne from Aurora
If the weather is bad on Monday morning (raining) will you postpone the launch until Tuesday? If you do what time would you be launching?
Jennifer from Edmonton, Alberta
Do you think that the space program and the International Space Station are making a difference in the way we educate our youth?
Tania from Aucland
When did the USA launch its first weather satellite?
Barry from Cieba, Puerto Rico
Which is the better sight to the crew - leaving the pad after liftoff, or seeing the runway on their return?
Cindy from Muenster, Texas
What is the greatest accomplishment you feel you have achieved during your career as an astronaut?
Lynn from Port Orange
Is the launch still scheduled for 0058 Mon 11/11/02
Ralph from Lighthouse Point
In the event that a shuttle can not make it into orbit after leaving the launch pad, what are the top three emergency landing sights in the USA and across the Atlantic Ocean?
Ralph from Pompano Beach, Florida
Which of the STS-113 astronauts is responsible for flying the shuttle in the event that the shuttle cannot make it into orbit after leaving the launch pad? How do you accomplish this, and what are the top three emergency landing sights available to you in the USA and across the Atlantic Ocean?
Todd from Gettysburg
I hope this isn't 'classified'...during its take off will I be able to see the shuttle from my home in Central Pennsylvania?
Patricia from Jacksonville, Florida
Is it common for astronauts to experience motion sickness in space?
Melissa from Hillsboro, Oregon
I am a 5th grader doing a report on the International Space Station. What is it like to live on board the space station? Also can we e-mail the astronauts on board the space station? If so, how?
Shan from Jacksonville
From an astronaut's perspective, what is the most challenging experiment students have ever sent NASA to be included on a shuttle and what made the experiment challenging?
Panu from Brighton, United Kingdom
First of all, bon voyage to the STS-113 crew. I'm coming to see the STS-107 launch in January, so I'll see you there, but... just for interest, what age limits are there with operative astronauts, what's the youngest and oldest age that an astronaut can fly?
Gene from Amelia Island
The KSC Launch Calendar indicates that STS-113 will have an insertion angle of 51.6 deg. From an astronaut's perspective, what does this data convey? Does it effect the takeoff azimuth trajectory? Will you be able to see North Florida during the takeoff evolution? Thank you, Gene Alley
Gene from Amelia Island
The KSC Launch Calendar indicates that STS-113 will have an insertion angle of 51.6 deg. From an astronaut's perspective, what does this data convey? Does it effect the takeoff trajectory? Will you be able to see North Florida during the takeoff?
John from Pensacola, Florida
After being on a carrier with F-18's, I saw things I never thought an F-18 could do. Most impressive vehicle this side of the shuttle. Flew with one of your crew members on an EP-3E and saw lots of other P-3 and Navy experience there. How would you all compare the shuttle to the EP-3E? Both great vehicles, but I've only been assigned to one of them. Happy Veterans Day from a 19+ year veteran. God Speed, and light up the sky for us! (Driving down the I-10 to watch the horizon glow)
Troy from Ft. Lauderdale
Can my wife and I see the shuttle launch from Ft. Lauderdale's Beach?
Chris from Bristol
From the astronaut's perspective, what exactly is it like to see the Sun rise over the horizon of the Earth in outer space? Is it truly the most amazing sight ever?
Bob from Lake Forest, California
What is the very last thing you do physically & what is the last thing you say to yourself before liftoff?
Emilio Pérez from Lugo, Spain
Do you think the SKYLAB assembly was more difficult than ISS, because you used 70's technology?
Eric from Punxsutawney
When the shuttle is on the launch pad, what is the smoke from that comes off the shuttle
Ewan McLennan from Christ Church, New Zealand
Does it ever get boring in orbit?
Iv Shanglin from Dalian, China
Can you tell me some differences between ISS and MIR?/td>
Iv Shanglin from Dalian, China
Can you tell me why you would become an astronaut, which would make you leave your family so far behind?
Bernie from Rome
If launch takes place on the 18th will the Leonid's Shower have any effect and will NASA give us a "birds eye view" from space ?
Brandon from Canada
Has anyone ever been hit by the SRBs when they fall to Earth?
Chris from Eagle, Idaho
Paul Harvy said that Commander John Herrington was going to take two eagle feathers up with him and I wanted to know if that was true and if so will we get to see a picture of them. Are they Golden or Bald eagle feathers?
Emilio Pérez from Lugo, Spain
In the beginning when the SKYLAB was in orbit you had problems with a solar panel and the shield was broken. I imagine the temperature inside was very high, so how did you repair damage on US space station?
Victoria from Port St. Lusic
Why does it take so long to come back to Earth?
Appiah-Agyei from Accra-Chana
Can you tell me how one can become an astronaut and what studies you must do?
James Kelley from Cananduagia, New York
On launch day, what goes though your mind as you're being strapped in?
Nicholas from Durham
I am four years old. I want to be an astronaut. What do I have to do to become an astronaut? What do you eat when you are in the space shuttle? Do you eat an apple?
Mike from Victoria, British Columbia
Being a Navy Diver I feel that some of our training, in hostile environments, is similar. You have been in both environments. I realize water is a liquid and space is not but how similar are they?
Greg from Cabarita Beach
What does it feel like when you reenter the Earth's atmosphere?
Kyle from Naples, Florida
Is there a maximum crosswind component for shuttle landings, and what is the max angle of the wind allowable?
Bronwyn from Kingston
How long from now do you think we will go to Mars?
Ashley from Minneapolis
How do I get my name out there when I'm older that I want to be an astronaut and what should I do in college to help? (I want to work navigation)
Jackson from Mandurah
What is it like to be weightless?
Bill from York, Maine
Is it as much fun walking in space as it looks on TV?
James Kelley from Cananduagia, New York
What is it like to be waiting on a delay?
Maegan from Castle Rock, Colorado
My name is Maegan and I am in fifth grade at Academy Charter school in Castle Rock, Colorado. I would like to ask John Herrington what do you think it will be like in space? Thank you.
Maegan from Castle Rock, Colorado
I would like to know why space does not have any weight? I am a fifth grader in Castle Rock, Colorado who loves science. Thank you.
Maegan from Castle Rock, Colorado
What does it feel like to orbit around the earth?
Maegan from Castle Rock, Colorado
STS-113 mission - How much does the equipment weigh when doing the work to install the module when in space?
Luca from Milano, Italy
Has any astronaut changed his life philosophy after his first flight into space?
Luca from Milano, Italy
Is it possible to have details on the docking maneuver when you reach the ISS, please? And for a civil passenger how long must he work to prepare for space flight? Thanks.
Rich O. from Elk Grove
When you are on the dark side of the Earth, what does space look like? What do the stars look like, and how many more do you see from the dark side?
Steve from Belford, New Jersey
We have waited all our lives to see a shuttle launch and while on vacation in Florida we were there on the bus tour at the launch viewing site when we were told that the launch had been scrubbed, needless to say we were heart broken, but we also understand the safety behind it, we would like to know the reason for the scrub and is this common? Hopefully some time in the future we will be in Florida when there is a launch. It is not often we get the timing right, we’ll just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. Godspeed to the crew of STS-113
Simon from Cornwall, United Kingdom
I am a shiftworker so I know how I feel sometimes when the body clock is upset or messed with! As you are orbiting the Earth and not experiencing normal days so to speak, I wondered if that messes up your body clock also. Are there any side effects caused by this and does it alter your sense of time?
Rick from Helena, Montana
With flight delays, how difficult is it to get it up for "game day" knowing it may be canceled?
Leandro from SP, Brazil
How many times do you do on the ground what you will do from take off to the landing?
Leandro from SP, Brazil
Do you help the NASA's physicists with calculations or do you receive that hard work all finished, with the correct actions to do at each flight stage?
Donald from Plant City
As someone who spent a long time in space on Skylab, what would you tell today's resident to not leave Earth without?
Who are the crew members?
Danyil from Landgraaf
On Earth a flame always goes up. When you are in a spaceship there is no up or down and no gravitation. In what direction will a flame go then? And why is this so?
Ed from Arvada
It appears storage of supplies and equipment on the ISS requires constant attention. Is a substantial amount of your time spent moving, storing, and inventorying the location of supplies and equipment?
Bill from Jupiter
How is the weather at KSC? Do you think the launch will be a go tonight?
Alex and Arianna from Warwick
When you return to Earth's gravity do you feel a variation in your heart beat and breathing?
Christopher from Highland Mills
What does it feel like to be moving so fast during liftoff?
Jack Thomas from Charlotte, North Carolina
On clear nights I watch the shuttle low on the horizon near Charlotte N.C. until booster seperation. How high is it above the Earth when it is visible to me?
John from Vancouver, WA
On orbit, watching the ground track screen... why does orbit go so high/low of equator?
David from Allen
For those of you who are not spiritual, does orbiting the Earth convince you God must exist? Has anyone who has flown before come home a "changed" person? Thanks and have a safe mission.
Mike from Ellicott City
November 22 is 39 years since John F. Kennedy was killed in Dallas. He loved the space program and set the goal of landing on the Moon. When you launched did you have any thoughts of the late President and getting back to the Moon?
Matthew from Big Lake
What is launch and landing like on the mid-deck?
Kay from Brighton
At what age did you become an astronaut? Thank You!
Leisa from Omaha
What effects does weightlessness have on your digestive system? Is it difficult to eat when you return to Earth after a mission?
Steve from Belford, New Jerseyt
How long will the space station stay in orbit and what does it feel like to live in zero gravity for six months?
Maegan from Castle Rock, Colorado
To John Herrington: How does it feel to be the first native American Indian to be going in space and making history?
NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center