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Shuttle Series: Launch of STS-113 -- Day Four

Cris Guidi Cris Guidi
Host & Presenter

Event Date: November 23, 2002

Program: The STS-113 Mission to the International Space Station.
+ View Question Board
+ View Opening Credits and Weather Update
+ View STS-113 Overview and Launch Preparations Update
+ View Mission and Crew Overview
+ View Launch through SRB Separation with Closing Comments and Credits
+ View Day One Programming
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+ View Day Three Programming

John McBrideSpecial Guest:
Jon McBride
Ever wondered what it's like to be an astronaut? Ask NASA astronaut Jon McBride, who piloted space shuttle mission STS-41G.
+ View STS-113 Astronaut Experience Session
+ View Question and Answer Board
Prize Winners:
Emilio from Lugo, Spain - Space Shuttle Processing
Crew Maryloufrom Dubuque - Mission Crew & Expedition
Zethan from Omaha - International Space Station
Rich from Elk Grove - NASA Astronaut Q & A from Launch Day

Our grand prize winners each received a STS-113 Mission Poster.