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STS-112 Mission - Day Three
Question Board

Chad from Iowa
A lot of times, people are selected as astronauts but then it takes years for them to be assigned to a flight. Do you get frustrated while you wait for a flight? How does NASA keep you busy?
Jeff from Orlando
What are some of the facts and findings that NASA has established concerning weightlessness in space for the astronauts? For example, do the astronauts have any physical changes that occur during long time exposure in space? Thanks for your time.
When and who was the first female astronaut?
Abbey from Decatur
Hi! I hope you enjoy your job. Is it really nifty to be in space?
Sauli from Helsinki
What do astronauts think about science fiction? Some astronauts have entertained themselves by watching "Alien" on the space station. But how does science fiction (books, movies, Star Trek, etc.) pertain to a person who's really been in space? Does an astronaut compare the world of science fiction to his/her own experiences (finding mistakes in the story here and there), or can an astronaut enjoy a good space Sci-fi story just like the next guy and forget the reality?
Aravind from Bangalore
How much time does an astronaut take to get use to the gravity of earth after a 10 day stay in space?
Kevin from Mansfield
Is it possible to become a shuttle pilot or commander without going through the air force?
Angel from Los Angeles
How does nasa select who is going to be the first person to step on another planet, like for example the first man who steped on the moon?
Nicola from Teramo, Italy
Is it possible to photograph, by STS-112 camera, the Big Stone Mountain, in Abruzzo Region (middle Italy), so to have the first new perspective of our wonderful "Big Stone-Laga Mountains Nazional Park"? Thank you very very much! God bless America!
Charles from Colleyville, Texas
Is History a positive for a career as an astronaut?
Raymond from Dallas
I am a senior in high school and I was wanting to know what the courses are for me to become a mission specialist astronaut? And tell the new science officer congratulations!
Adrian G from Cantua Creek
Did we really land on the Moon around 1969? I saw a program that said that we had never traveled to the Moon. if we did land on the Moon how come the flag was waving if the Moon doesn't have air?
Angel from Puerto Rico
I'm a high school student, and I want to be an astronaut. What is the first step that I have to do after my graduation?
Jessica Bell from Gardendale
Who was the first astronaut?
Chris Randazzo from Lake Worth, Florida
What is the next misson?
Sierra Lewis from Los Angeles
What are the odds of becoming an astronaut and what sciences are good to study to become an astronaut?
Nicholas from Lancaster, California
Is it cool to look at Earth in space?
Meryl from Thomasville, Georgia
Like many on this board, I am a high school senior with my eyes and my heart set on the stars. I have a million questions, but the first to come to mind is this: which scientific and technological advances will be most important for the development of the national and international space programs over the next 20 years? Thank you!
Melvin from Blacksburg, Virginia
I was doing my homework of Astromechanics and I was wondering if you could help me...just kidding ;). More seriously I would like to know what it takes to be an astronaut. I understand that you must have a good resume and be in good physical condition but besides that? What about your mind? How do you manage the stress? Are you also trained to manage that or is it a "natural talent"? Congratulations and good luck for the mission.
Carol from Denver
What does it feel like physically during liftoff?
Adrian G. from Cantua Creek
In a book about the Moon that I read they had a picture of an astronaut and they were showing the flag of the U.S and in the back ground was the Sun. If astronaut was in space why couldn't we see the stars in the back ground of the picture?
Zoe from Switzerland
I have always loved space and I just want to know what is it like to be up there and look down on Earth?
Jens Mueller from Oberhausen
Hi, here in Germany we have a nightly TV-program called Space-Night. The best part of it is, when it shows videos from space missons looking down on the Earth. I like it, but how is is to look down, seeing your home, your planet?
Caitlin from Michigan City
Hi I wanted to know if it is unhealthy to live or go in space?
Braedan Gallas from Michigan City
What was your job in space was it exciting for you?
Caitlin from Michigan City
Hi I would like to know if you think that kids should be able to visit space and if it is cool there?
Jenna from Michigan City
Have you ever been to the Moon? Have you been to space? If you have, was it scary? Was it also so beautiful? Will they soon build space stations in space just outside of Earth's atmosphere? If so when?
Caitlin from Michigan City
When people are told they are able to go to space why does it take so long for their flight to actually launch?
Jenna from Michigan City
Why does it take so long for a rocket ship to get to the Moon?
Nora from Michigan City
Do you think that there is a 10th moon? What do you think it should be named even if there isn't a 10th moon?
Is going through the space training difficult or painful?
Emily from Michigan City
Is there really a 10th planet? What is its name and can you show me a picture?
Jenna from Michigan City
Have people been on Mars? Could there be life on any other planet besides Earth? If so will the other beings hurt us?
Caitlin from Michigan City
Hi do you know of any alien beings anywhere?
Kim from Lorain
I would like to know is there a world outside of space? I mean there has got to be some thing after space. I mean maybe it could go on forever, but I don't beleive that.
Vanessa from Yukon
Who placed the first phone call to the Moon?
Miguel from Temuco, Chile
How can I enter NASA as an engineer?
Rachel from Idaho
Hey, I'm a 8th grade smart 4.0 female student, and I have a dream becoming an astronaut, but I don't know what to do. I've heard the Air Force is good for trying to get into NASA, but my eye sight is horrible. I've also heard that you need to specialize in a type of engineering or something. Do I even have a chance just to get by with my smarts and love for space? Or would I need laser surgery just to be close?
Michelle from Irvine, California
I am a college junior in Aerospace Engineering. Do I have to be in the Air Force to eventually become an astronaut? (any type on any mission, not necessarily a commander) What would you suggest I do after I graduate to become an astronaut?
Peter from Chicago
Well I have two questions: 1 How can I become an astronaut? And 2 How long in hours/minutes does it take to get to the Moon (from lift off to landing) approximately? Thank you for your time and I hope I get a response?
Jonathan from Pembine
Is it going to be possible to live on the Moon?
Jonathan from Pembine
Is it going to be possible to go to Mars?
Alex from Rousse
Do you see the so called "Silver" clouds?
Emilio from Lugo, Spain
How is life inside the shuttle when you leave Earth?
Brian from Atlanta
Is it ever going to be possible to travel outside our galaxy? If so how long do you think it will be?
Judi from Belfast
Did you ever have doubts that you would become an astronaut, did you know that you would succeed or did you just chase your dream?
Judi from Belfast, Ireland
Do you ever get scared when you're up in space and you know that the only thing that separates you from the vacuum of space is a piece of metal? Do you ever think about the movies where collisions and things have happened while people are in orbit? :)
Judi from Belfast, Ireland
Do you enjoy being an astronaut? Is it as cool as you thought it would be? What's the best part of your job?
Zain from Atlanta
What do the Russians use to get into space (besides our space shuttle)?
Jim from Grand Junction
Whatever became of the "Rescue-Ball" device that was tested as a means of rescuing astronauts, and/or transfering them from one spacecraft to another?
Alli from Titusville
Why do all the pictures from space during the mission, not show any stars? Did we really go to the Moon?
Daniel from Corvallis
I am currently a Physics major/Mathematics minor at Oregon State University. I plan to attend school until I have my PhD in some discipline of Physics. How does the future hiring pool look for new scientists to enter the astronaut corps.
Neelesh from Pune, India
How long will you be up there? Does NASA have a program of constructing a space colony in the near future? If so, will there be a full-fledged eco system like thing or mere closed boxes?
Giles (Age 5) from Lymington
Hello. What is it like in space?
Joey from Wolcott
Hi I am in 10th grade and my dream is to be an astronaut. Can you tell me how you became an astronaut and what I need to do? Thanks, Joey
Jennifer from Clifton
If you could give any advice to an aspiring astronaut, what would it be?
Rich from San Antonio
I'm interested in human space exploration. Can you, as an astronaut, tell me what is the projected timeline for further exploration, Moon, Mars, etc.?
Gordon from Glasgow, United Kingdom
What is it like going into space on the shuttle especially when it takes off?
Patricia from Portugal
Hello, what are the conditions that an astronaut lives in on a space shuttle? Thanks, Patricia.
Alex from Birmingham
What courses did you take in school and college that you think impacted you becoming an astronaut the most? Other than staying in school and going to college, what was the most influential thing you did to become an astronaut?
Stephen from Wrexham
I have seen how hard it is for you guys to suit up, but how bad does it get for you all to suit up for re-entry?
Stefan from Albuquerque, New Mexico
I am a high school senior, and am interested in becoming a mission specialist. What kind of education is necessary to become one? I am planning to be an aeronautical/electrical engineer. After getting a degree, what kind of training should a graduate get? How did you get involved in NASA? Thanks
Meesh from Marquette
What is the absolute hardest thing about being an astronaut? I hope to someday reach for the stars, and I would like to be an astronaut, I was just wondering. One more question, what times, during your job, do you have the most fun? Thank you for your time.
Dominic from Apalachin
What is it like going into space and how physically challenging is it?
Brian from Savannah
Does NASA determine assignments of Astronauts based on the experience each person has in the areas of the mission objectives?
Martha Lorena from Mexico
What sort of career do I need to study to be an astronaut, and to have the opportunity to be in a space mission? Does NASA accept latin astronauts? Thank you for your time, and let me tell how lucky you are, because you are living the dream of many people of going to the space, living without gravity, and looking the space a little bit closer, congratulation for have your dreams come true! I´m sure that you are a great human being. Good luck and good launch!
Stargazer from Eide, Norway
Hi there. I would like to ask what you think the future of mankind will be like, i.e. do you believe it will one day be possible for us (mankind) to colonize and terraforma on the other planets of the Solar system? I would also like to ask your views of the future of mankind and (last question that has probably been asked many times before) just how is it like to actually live in space, looking down at your home world while floating in free fall around it? Thank you for your time.
Leesa from Elkins
How much does everybody get paid?
John from Detroit
How long does it take for the shuttle to go around the world once?
Brianna from Auburn Hillsk
What does NASA stand for?
Nick from Melbourne, Australia
Why don't astronauts go deaf when the space shuttle takes off? In physics I heard that the space shuttle makes a noise of over 200 db, enough to blow your eardrums? Cheers
Robert from Arlington
The Russians have made seats available on their Soyuz rocket for paying passengers. Should NASA be doing the same with the shuttle?
Val from West Lafayette, Indiana
After graduating from college did you ever realize what you would be doing right now? What made you choose to work for NASA?
Rosi from Newcastle, United Kingdom
What advice would you give to a 16 year old who wants to become an astronaut? And what are good university courses to take?
Roger from Lichfield, United Kingdom
Are ther any plans for astronauts to stay on the ISS longer than three to six months?
Denver from Rialto, California
If you work say an eight to ten hour shift on the space shuttle, what do you do on the rest of the time off other than sleep? What do you do on your free time?
Janis from Pilot Mound
Hi my name is Janis. I have 3 questions for you. What's it like in space? When you are in space, can you tell what part of Earth are you looking at? When you are about to land, how do you know where to land?
Brian from Copenhagen, Denmark
Hi, how is it to watch thunderstorms from space?
Timmy Davis from Miami, Florida
How old do you have to be to go into space? I am eight and my uncle said when I am old enough he will take me but I have to keep training.
Renee from Los Angeles
When the shuttle docks with the station, do the astronauts have to share bunks or is there room for everone to live?
William from Coral Gables
What is the age of the youngest person to ever go into space? Has any country every launched a small boy, between the ages of six and ten, into space?
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