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STS-112 Mission - Day Two
Question Board

Terrence from Portland
Do only students take part in EarthKAM? How many schools or students are currently involved?
Linda from Ft. Lauderdale
Tell me more about EarthKAM. Is it "MAC" adaptable? What system requirements are needed?
Julie from Phoenix
Can anyone take a picture? Are there pictures of Phoenix taken from the space station?
Shaun from LaGrange
How many cameras are used in EarthKAM?
Jenny from La Jolla
Can you tell who makes the most pollution from the ISS?
Everett from Atlanta
After a flight, are all of the engines removed and rebuilt or simply inspected? I'm sure all of the heat tiles are inspected, but on average, how many are replaced after each flight? What is the average man hours for processing to ready the shuttle, not including payload? Thank you
Erin from Ann Arbor
How is the orbiter able to stay attached to the ET while sitting on the ground with so few points of contact?
Sauli from Helsinki
During shuttle maintenance and processing the shuttle is lifted by a huge lifting system, (How does this lifting system work? How can it get a firm hold of the shuttle so it won't fall down or damage any parts of the shuttle (such as the heat tiles)?
Shane from Mitchell Nebraska
How long does it take to build the ET and where do you get all that metal?
Robb from Winter Haven, Florida
Could you give me in more detail what an aeronautical engineer would do at NASA?
Grady from Cincinnati
What is the escape velocity required for a space shuttle, and how much fuel does this require?
Gus from Kelowna British Columbia, Canada
Does a window exist for landing? If a vehicle were to enter the Earth's atmosphere at less than 200 mph would the window matter?
Amanda from Wyoming
Why do you waste all your time on a Rocket that when it launches, things fall off in space and then you have to build it all over again and you have to go look for the pieces that fell off in the lake or were ever they fell?
Chris Wallace from Andover
Are there any current space missions to deep space?
Duane from Bend
Would you explain the advantages of the cam on the fuel tank. Are there anomalies associated with the launch or the tank seperation?
Alessio from Maglie
What temperatures does the water reach that is released during the launch? And does the water become vapor?
Alison from New Orleans
What precautions were made in building EarthKam to be able to sustain the extremes during the launch? Thanks
Elissa from Lutz
What is it like to be in space?
Elissa from Lutz
What does space food taste like down here?
Michelle from Augusta
How can you achieve more than 100 percent power during launch? What is the G force exerted on an astronaut at launch?
Michelle from Augusta
What is space shuttle processing?
Claudia Ivette from Gto. Mexico
Hello! I am 14 years old, and I really want to work in NASA. What can i do?
Terry from Reno, Nevada
Is the EarthKam able to see man-made structures on Earth, if so can you name a few please?
Eric from Lawrence
Is the countdown still on with the weather in the Gulf? I am planning on making a trip from Indianapolis IN to see my first shuttle launch. I would love to get real time info on your projections for launch with regard to weather related issues. Is there a place to see this info on the web? I also would like to say that the information you have here is excellent.
Prashannajeet from Bhopal
Why does the space shuttle start rotating just after the launch?
Dazhan from Cardiff
What year was the first space shuttle misson?
Ranz from New Port Richey
Does the ISS currently have a escape/rescue vehicle if a major catastrophy were to occur on board? If not, how quickly would NASA be able to launch a shuttle in a rescue attempt mission?
Caitlin from Michigan City
Are you are making any new space shuttles that go faster or farther from Earth?
Danielle from LaGrange
Can you see Chicago with the cameras?
Danielle from Chicago
Are you making a shuttle that will be able to go to Pluto with people in it?
Nummy from Switzerland
How do the shuttles get so high?
Danielle from LaGrange
If there were any malfunctions aboard the shuttle while in space what would you do?
Butch from Rochester Hills
From looking at the KSC Video Feeds, it looks like the cargo bay is removed from the shuttle and another cargo bay is put in its place for the next launch. Is this correct?
Miguel from Madrid
From what countries can I see a space shuttle when it detaches and goes into orbit?
Emilio from Lugo
Do you have fear if a SRB could fail when the shuttle takes off?
Linda from Forest, Virginia
While you were being launched, at that precise second after lift-off, what was that feeling like? Can you describe it to me? I am forever awed by the orbiter and knowing that it only takes, is it 8 1/2 minutes to reach orbit? Well, that just fascinates me. So, being that I am not an astronaut, just wonder what exactly did you feel like during lift-off? Thanks so much, lately I just love
Alexandria from Orlando
How long does it take for the orbiter to get in to orbit?
Patrick from Cocoa
What will happen to the space station if the Russians do not have funds to support it?
Sarah from Cocoa
Have photographs taken from space shown depletion in the ozone layer?
Megan from Melbourne
When you are assigned to a mission, what is the first thing you do?
Ginger from Cocoa Beach
What are the educational benefits of EarthKam from a teacher's perspective?
Mike from Clackamas
How do you calculate escape velocity, and how do you use it?
Nick from North Attleboro, Massachusetts
What tools are being used on STS-112? The robotic arm?
Travis from Prineville
Is there a plan for the shuttle if there was a problem during landing and couldn't re-enter Earth's atmosphere?
Alli from Titusville
Are any of the shuttles nearing the end of their life cycle? If so are there plans to replace it?
Anders from Gothenburg, Sweden
Has two questions: Can a specially designed combination of air and spacecraft save money by taking off like an airplane and at maximum altitude fire rockets to get in to orbit? Can an electro magnetic "rail gun" launch supplies and such into orbit?
Judi from Belfast, Ireland
What does your job involve? What subjects did you specialize in?
Jim from Grand Junction
What are the actual number of Termal Protection System tiles used on each orbiter today?
Norman from Northern Ireland
How safe is the shuttle after the recent cracks were found in the main engines, is she ready to fly with confidence?
Kerry from Highlands
Last week Hurricane Isadore creamed the Yucatan and I was wondering if the storms beach erosion could have made an opportunity to find shocked glass from the Chixliupe impact site and if it's possible to tell various ages of areas of surface rocks from space?
Mark Spires from Christ Church
Is it possible to modify the shuttle for a lunar mission? If not, could NASA get back to the moon? Does NASA have plans if the money was not a problem?
Brian from Savannah
Since the crawler-transporters have been in use since the 1960s, are there any plans to replace the crawlers with some sort of new transporter to speed up the time that it takes to move the shuttle from the VAB to the launch pad?
Jean from Blythewood
Do only teachers get to experience this adventure? Can students?
Raymond W. from Dallas, Texas
What are the current conditions of the shuttles? Are they degrading to the point of decommission from heat damage, or can they be salvaged? Or will a new breed such as the X-33 come along and make an entrance into the space program?
Ivan from Malaga
How much does the space station weigh now? and is it possible to see it I live in Southern Spain?
Peg from Marquette, Michigan
Please, what time will the launch of the shuttle be on Wed., Oct. 2, 2002? I try never to miss them! Even at odd times in the a.m.
Steve & Karenf rom Fairbanks, Alaska
We read about the cam that will be on the exterior of Atlantis for launch. Will it also be broadcast on the web? Will there be a video feature for those of us four hours behind KSC?
Jeremy Hartings from New Orleans, Louisiana
What are the windows in the space shuttle made of?
Julia from Canberra
What materials are used to protect shuttles during re-entry?
Ashley from Grand-Falls
Who is on the space station right now? Where are they from?
Paul from Zamosc
Can I see on TV images from newest camera installed on the Atlantis ET?
Joshua from Fountain
Why don't you guys fit a light heat shield have to build a new one each time?
Joni from Omaha
Is there a way for students to get involved in the EarthKAM program as individuals, either as home schoolers or after-schoolers?
Marylou from Dubuque
What kind of camera is used? Is it a special camera built for the program?
NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center