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STS-112 Mission -- Day One
Question Board

Katie from Tampa
It sounds like the S1 Truss and P1 Truss (which will be launched later) are identical. Are there any differences between them?
Sean from Orlando
When the truss was designed, did the length have to be adapted to fit into the STS for transport to the ISS?
Sean from Orlando
What additional work had to be done to ensure the truss would remain straight and not be bent by the uneven temperatures in light and shade while exposed in space?
William from Taipei
1. How do the doors on ISS work? I mean, the seal of the door of each module? 2. Why does the shuttle rotate when it is launched?
Hywel from Great Britain
How is power stored on the ISS? What types of batteries are used and how much power does the space craft need?
Oswaldo Medina from River Grove, Illinois
How do they get the truss ready for liftoff to ensure it doesn't get damaged?
Sauli from Helsinki
How well organized is the life on ISS? One might think that a hi-tech space station is thoroughly organized and planned in every way. But Peggy Whitson wrote in her web letter about a missing tool and the hunt for it, and the picture on NASA's web seems like a zero-gravity chaos. So, how common are these kind of situations and are there any backup plans and preparations if there are some tools missing during the S1 Truss mission?
Ed from Indianapolis
Has there ever been any serious consideration to using H20 as a structural filler in an inflatable habitation module?
Shane from Mitchell, Nebraska
How long do people live up in the space station and how do you get food up to the people?
Andy from Gilford
I am in eight grade and studying about space. When the shuttle launches, and "white stuff" comes off the side, is that some form of ice that is formed on propane tanks when they empty? Thank you, Andy
Deneen Howard from Ripley
We have been studying Rocket Boys by Homer Hickum in my jr/sr English Class. We want to know if we can see the space shuttle from the Northern hemisphere on Oct. 2nd.
Charl from Johannesburg
When will NASA be able to create artificial gravity in space or perhaps even on the ISS by means of rotation or other? Is it possible? How effective will it be? And is it economically? How important is this to NASA and when will this happen?
Brianna from Chicago
What is the S1 Truss? What does it do, how does it work, and why is it needed on the ISS?
Herman from Cape Canaveral
How hot does the heat get when the shuttle launches? Up to how fast can a shuttle go? Did you ever go into space before? If so what was floating like and seeing Earth from outer space?
Greg from Tacoma
Can a future shuttle be SAFELY outfitted for longer distance flight by adding fuel tanks in the cargo bay? My co-worker and I wonder who will service the new space telescope in 2010 except our shuttle fleet?
Leanne from St. Paul
What is the current budget for Earth Impact prevention efforts? (i.e. asteroids, comets, etc.) I am doing a paper on Earth Impacts as a Threat to Civilization and that number would be very useful.
Maricia from Gainesville
What is it like to live outer space? What kind of food did you eat?
Jack from Kihei
How fast is a space shuttle capable of going on liftoff?
Jack from Kihei
If the shuttle isn't going fast enough during takeoff can it stall?
Greg from Abilene
How many G's do the astronauts experience during takeoff? Has there ever been a GLOC reported?
Stephanie from Tasmania
Is there any life forms out there in space?
Aaron from Enid
My friend and I would like to go to mars. Through all the comedy we're serious we know it takes three years to get there but think of the experience. Some people say it would never happen and I said why their reply was "Your parents wouldn't let you" so I went and asked my mom and she non-jokingly Said "Yes" so you see we could do it all we need to know is how. We have some other thoughts and would like to share them but I'll wait for your reply. Thank you very much for your support and knowledge. Hopefully a future Astronaut/explorer. Aaron
Kathy from New York
What type of calculators do the space shuttle astronauts use?
Brian from Troy, New York
Are all STS orbits from west to east, if so why? Could an STS orbit be from east to west?
Ashley from Sacramento
I always watch NASA TV when it is on. My question is will they be taken pictures of our moon being up 300 miles above Earth. Pictures should be great?/td>
Terry from Reno, Nevada
How many people are normally in the space station during a mission, and how crowded are they ?
Meryl from Cornelia, Georgia
Where is NASA's main goal after the ISS? What science and technology will be most important for the development of the national and international space programs, and what advice would you give a teenager aiming for the stars?
Sarah Pekarek from Nixa, Missouri
Do we need to be funding NASA'S efforts for more space discovery through the government.
Jeff from Newport Beach
Will the ISS act as a stepping stone to perhaps colonize the Moon?
David from San Diego
It seems inefficient to use rockets to send supplies up to the ISS. Can't you use Earth's centrifugal motion to defeat Earth's gravity?
James Hunt from London, England
Once complete, what is the maximum amount of people that will be able to live on board the station? And with that in mind do cosmonauts sleeping patterns change whilst being in space for such a long time?
Heidi from Germany
Where can we find information aboutthe inside of the ISS? How do astronauts sleep, wash, etc.? We have a space unit in our English lesson.
Sveinn and Ótar from Iceland
How do you get the artificial gravity in the shuttle?
Desiree from Clinton
I would like to know more about the exploration of different planets. I've searched everywhere and I can't find any information.
Howard from Fresno, California
How are structural elements such as S1, which are fabricated in Earth's gravity but intended for service in microgravity, designed and tested? How big a job is it to re-write the engineering math for this change in gravitational environment?
Siegfried from Zuerich
Do you have a heating in the ISS and where do you get the energy for this? Are the astronauts overalls heated or not like in 1964 at the Moon exploring program from Europe. (2 girls astronauts, 6 boys). Why do you have always white astronautic clothes and in the ISS blue ones.
Justin from New Ken., Pennsylvania
What is the importance of the Moon? Why is it important?
Mrs. Moskowitz from Fullerton, California
What does it feel like to be in space? Room 17 - Sixth Graders, Maple School
Ron 74 years old from W'ton, United Kingdom
What is the name of the next space shuttle & how long will the flight be?
Rick from Sarasota
Why is the S1 (and other station parts) so massive (i.e., heavy)? It's designed to work in 0-G; Couldn't these pieces have been made of a lighter material, which does not need to hold itself up in 1-G? Thus, allowing larger parts for same weight.
Emilio from Lugo, Spain
How much time can be the ISS in space? 10-15 years....
Roger Cubas from Lima, Peru
What are the last experiments in space chemistry on the ISS? I am chemist and research the astrophysical chemistry.
Brandon Dodson from Orange
I've Who is considered to be the father of American rocketry?
Daniel from Houston
What is the purpose for the S1 Truss to be used on the launch flight STS-112?
Steven from Frankenmuth, Michigan
Is NASA worried about Russia not having enough money to build rockets to supply the space station in the next couple of years?
Ted from Chapel Hill
What is the composition and pressure of the atmosphere inside the space station?
Sheridan from Eldon
How can you tell (from Earth) when a perga is taking place? (if I'm not spelling perga right, it's the points when the moon is farthest and closest away from Earth.)
Robert from Dallas
What is the altitude of the space station and the speed?
Robert from Dallas
Will the crew be allowed to release any photos or film of strange or unexplained objects that they encounter?
Nick from N. Attleboro, Massachusetts
How many more shuttle missions are going to be launched in effort to make more renovations for the ISS?
Mich from San Francisco
Why not allow Lance Bass aboard the space station for free? That would do more to motivate young adults to look to space sciences than five unique launches! Concerned Minority
Iula from Amboy
Is the shuttle storage building the biggest in the state, country or world?
Brendon from Lafayette, Indiana
How long is the ISS slated for scientific use? What is to become of it, when its mission is complete? Will it be burnt up like MIR?
Brendon from Lafayette, Indiana
The truss portion of the ISS has been referred to as the station's backbone. Is there a system of bolts or latches that holds the S1 and other truss segments together, that allows it to be so structurally sound?
Erin from Kingsclea
How many cars (buggies) are on the Moon right now?
Zain from Atlanta
How will the module that STS-112 is taking up be connected to the space station?
Mrs. Burns from Richmond
While we know the astronauts are in top physical shape, are there any special physical preparations they need to do before the EVAs? Does the body expend any more or less energy during a space walk than at other times during the mission? Seventh Graders, Chesterfield County
Cindy from Richmond
If we understand it correctly, the individual parts of the space station have been constructed in pieces over the years. How do you guarantee that the S1 Truss will fit with the parts that are already installed? What is the margin of error?
Billy from St. Peters, Missouri
Tonight while viewing the space station I saw an object trailing it by a few hundred miles. What is this object? Thanks best regards, Billy
Greg from Dayton, Ohio
I watched the ISS pass over OH. at about 8:55p 9/27/02. Something was following behind it? I thought it was the space shuttle but it is not scheduled for take-off until 9/04 and I am pretty sure it was no airplane. What could be following the ISS? Thank you, Greg
Jim from Worth Worth, Texas
Tonight, at 19:50 local time, while viewing the ISS from our back yard in Ft. Worth during its sundown orbit from South West to East, we saw another object following about 10 or 15 degrees behind the ISS in perfect trailing formation! I am not aware of any other object aloft in the same orbit now. Heavens-Above does not have this object listed either. Can you tell me?
Thomas from Atlanta
Will the space station be effected by planet x {return }on 3/15/03 any coments on this subject?
Tony from Lexington, Kentucky
I've been having ISS sighting information e-mailed to me, and tonight when I spotted the station flying over my house, I also noticed a smaller, less bright object trailing several degrees behind it at pretty much the exact same speed. My first thought was that the shuttle was up and was speeding to catch up with the station, but I realized that the launch isn't until next week. Any idea what was tailing ISS tonight (9/27)?
Morgan from Newark Valley, New York
With the latest news about Russia's bankrupt space program prohibiting them from providing Soyuz capsules to the ISS for much longer, are there any plans for NASA to revive the cancelled X-38 crew return vehicle program?.
Ben from Montreal
Is it true that space junk coming from all the satelites and items sent from Earth could damage the ISS in long term?
Matt from Glendale
What's going on with planet X? Some say it will be here between May 15th and May 30th 2002, and it will wipe out 90% of Earth's inhabitants. Others say it is supposed to reach us in 2027? Whats going on?
Javier Martin from Hampton, Virginia
Do you miss the Earth at anytime when you are above?
Jake from Augusta, Maine
Years ago, an expiriment was done in which a steel cabel was put outside a space shuttle (I'm not sure which one it was) and it was used to generate electricity. It ended up generating enough to power the whole ISS. I was wondering if that would ever be experimented with again, or if it is going to be used to power the ISS.
Javier Martin from Hampton, Virginia
Are there plans to transport animals to the ISS?
Alli from Cocoa Beach
How do the astronauts train to build the space station?
John from West Middlesex
Has your team ever thought about sending up someone that is an epliptic fit and do studing on the brain and nerves while they are in space? If you want, I'll love to join the team.
George from Lake Havasu City
We were watching the space station pass over about 7:20 pm this evening and noticed another object following it.
Craig from Lexington, Kentucky
I've read recently about the Lockheed Martin successes with their Atlas 5 launcher. I've also read that there is a dearth of commercial launch customers. With its power, reliability, and relative low cost, has any thought been given to using this platform to reduce reliance on limited shuttle visits for supplies and on resupply launches from the Russians?
Paul from Consett, England
Has the Moon been chosen as the next stop in building, after the station is finished, or will the station be added-on continually?
David from Moorestown
Does the space station have any of its own propulsion systems?
Santos Morales from New York
With all the money problems, all the cut backs, and all the equipment dalays, will the ISS live up to all its expectations?
Abdul Majeed from Calicut
Dear sir, how many years are required to complete ISS? What mission has NASA planned just after completion?
James Kelley from Cananduagia
What does aft mean?
HD from Cameron
Last night the ISS passed almost directly overhead (30.780°N, 96.872°W) traveling from SW to NE. It was visible for five to six minutes, very bright. In what appeared to be the exact same orbit but trailing the ISS by about ten degrees was a second, dimmer object. Does anyone know what that was?
Jamie from Minneapolis
How big will the International Space Station be when it is completed?
Bruce from Dayton, Maryland
What is the metal composition of the truss segment? What is the Earth weight of the segment?
William from South Lyon, Michigan
What does the truss connect to on the space lab?
Bonnie from Boston
I've just seen the ISS pass over at 7:57pm EDT. It appeared to be followed by another obect. What was it?
Tim from Scottsdale
Is it true one day people on Earth will be able to see the space station with a naked eye?
Ed from Fairfield
I thought that the ISS was the launching platform for the international Mars mission. Is that still the case?
Brian from Savannah
I saw on a NASA Educational video that it takes 43 flights to complete the construction of the ISS. Does that mean the shuttle and the Russian rockets have to fly 43 missions each to complete the construction or is it 43 missions total divided between the two countries.
Alan from Scotland
When will the Canadarm 2 first run on the S0 & S1 truss transporter?
Alan from Glasgow
Could you tell us of any developments with the crew return vehicle?
Glade from Red Bluff, California
Last night at 7:57 Pacific, my family and I watched as the space station passed overhead (as accurately predicted via J-Pass). We saw another much dimmer object in the same path, directly behind it (perhaps 15, 20 seconds behind, as viewed from our perspective). We assumed the second object was likely a supply module, or something of the sort, that was approaching for docking (or perhaps receding after having docked), but I could not find any information on the web regarding such activity. Can you provide any insight.
Po Kee from Silver Springs, Maryland
(1) Are there any structurral changes on the ISS from Mission STS-98 to now STS-112? (2) If there are changes, what kind of structures are changed on the ISS by flight STS-112? (3) Why must the structures must be changed? (4) Are the precise locations, velocities of the ISS completely controled by the ground-tracking stations and/or also controled by the jets on the structures of the ISS? (5) Are there instrument panels for the crew members to read and determine, and to know the ISS locations and velocities are at any time? (6) What kind of experiments are being conducted within the ISS?
Po Kee from Silver Springs, Maryland
(1) What is the S1 Truss? (2)Is it (S1 Truss) a new structure constructed to attach on the ISS such that the instantaneous locations and velocities of the ISS can be controlled and read by the crew members in the ISS?
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