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Charles Finch from Oklahoma City
After four months in space at the ISS, how is it going to affect the crew that is returning to earth to be back in full gravity? That is to say, how will their bodies react to being back on solid ground?
Gabriele from Carrara, Italy
Why do the SSMEs ignite some seconds before the SRBs and not at the same time?
Nina from Weatherford, Oklahoma
How hard is it for a foreigner to become an astronaut for NASA? I am from Germany but I'm currently spending a year in America as an exchange student.
Ray Coffman from Orlando
To allow the ISS to be fully staffed without incurring the cost of an additional crew module and a seven passenger escape vehicle (X-37), why not have visiting shuttles stay docked to the ISS the full four month tour of duty?
Gabriele from Carrara, Italy
Who usually sits at the CAPCOM desk? Is that person an engineer or an astronaut? Which specific qualities should that person have?
Bubba from Queens, New York
Is it possible to answer a specific question? Our scientific community is currently developing an anti-gravitational device. Have the ISS experts calculated the gravitational force's flux constant to determine the rate of external forces versus the gravitational velocity based on the mass of the International Space Station? We're interested in the dynamic pressure and temperature of the station as well.
Gabriele from Carrara, Italy
What kind of antennas does NASA use to communicate with space shuttle and ISS, and where are they located? How is the communication possible when the orbiters are hidden from the face of the Earth where antennas are placed?
Gabriele from Carrara, Italy
I watched on TV the launch of the Russian Soyuz with my compatriot Roberto Vittori on board. I noticed that Soyuz's engines don't produce smoke at all, while SSMEs and SRBs produce a lot of white, dense smoke. Why this difference? Thank you very much, have a good job for this launch!
Liz from Davis
Can the space shuttle be adapted to remain docked to ISS for as long as a Soyuz capsule? This would allow larger crews to work on ISS, and still have an escape mechanism.
Alan from London, England
Please explain for my students the 'launch inclination' with regard to the shuttle launch -- thanks. Great new site!
Björn Eriksson from Trelleborg
What kind of humor (if any) do NASA Astronauts like?
Serge from Amsterdam
How come between launches a lot of parts are removed and replaced, such as the SSMEs, OMS pods, tires, etc.? Why not check them on site and refill? Also, why are payloads usually installed when the shuttle arrives at the pad? I understand that some payloads need to be "fresh," but couldn't certain parts could be installed much earlier, thereby saving time?
Sandeep from Kuala Lumpur
When will the International Space Station be completed?
Antonin from Prague, Czech Republic
Have the MPLMs only one CBM, or two of them on both ends?
Andreas from Magdeburg
In what way is the roll maneuver during launch performed?
Andreas from Magdeburg
In which way is the roll maneuver during launch performed?
Joshua from Statesville, North Carolina
What time will the crew of STS-111 be arriving for launch?
Damian from Merritt Island
How many French astronauts have flown in space?
Bernardo from Mexico City
Has Endeavour already been upgraded to a MEDS cockpit?
Bernardo from Mexico City
Which ISS docking port is being used by the Soyuz TM-34 spacecraft? Also, where on the station will Endeavour and Leonardo dock?
Roland from Giengen, Germany
After the Core-complete-Phase, what are the next steps for U.S.-built elements (i.e. Labs, Transhab, X38 etc.) on the International Space Station?
Michael from Virginia Beach
How many tiles are on each shuttle and what is the maximum temperature they can withstand upon reentry?
Jane from Cocoa Beach, Florida
What happens to the solid rocket boosters once they fall off -- are they retrieved from the Atlantic Ocean?
Lisa from West Palm Beach
Does it look like the shuttle will still be launched tomorrow?? Have there been any delays?
Tony from Bishop, California
The view of Earth from the ISS must be wonderful. What part of our planet would you most like to see through the Destiny Lab window?
Ian from West Jordan
What type of experiments will be conducted in the Microgravity Glove box and how will the equipment be controlled when the astronaut has both hands inside the glovebox?
Oren from Toronto, Ontario
I have found when listening to day-to-day ISS broadcasts and reading the ISS logs, that the crew spends a large portion of their time dealing with network/email and computer connectivity problems. Why did NASA decide to go with Microsoft(R) operating systems and Outlook Mail Clients when there are other more proven and robust off-the-shelf solutions for these needs?
Ryan from Calgary, Alberta
How fast does data travel between the shuttle and Earth (houston)? What kind of modem do you use?
Kisaundra Harri from Canyon
I am asking a question on behalf of my freshman biology student Sawyer. She wants to know what efforts are made to alleviate home sickness for the ISS crews? Also, when the crew returns home, how long does it take before the crew is allowed to go home?
Kisaundra Harri from Canyon
I am asking a question on behalf of my freshman biology student Tessa. She would like to know how female astronauts deal with their menstrual cycles while on long-term mission assignments?
Luigi from Naples
Who are the Multi-Purpose Logistics Modules named after? The Ninja Turtles or Italian Artists?
Sam from London
How much, in total, is the space station going to cost once it is finished? Also, when is it likely to be completed?
Brandon from Orlando
I know that military pilots often tense their facial and leg muscles to control blood flow and prevent themselves from passing out when subject to high levels of G-forces, do NASA astronauts ever have to perform these techniques during their missions?
Becky from London, England
Hi! I'm 14 and from England. I'm really interested in becoming a NASA Mission Specialist, but would like to know what it involves and how to get there. I'd love it if someone could help me out! Also, how much will the completed ISS weigh?
Michael from Grafenberg
I would like to know two things if possible, can you give me a detailed description of the solid propellant used in the SRB's? And when do you think are you going to use different transportation devices to space, apart from the successful "space shuttle" like spacecrafts based on the "Sänger" idea? Go on with your very inspirational work, every human life form should be proud about the great work that is done in the KSC, JPL and other scientific space facilities in the U.S. Greetz from Germany
Bascar from San Jose, California
1) I saw the IMAX movie -- Space Station 3D @ San Jose, The Tech. There was nothing 3D about it -- no special glasses or 3D projection... Why is this? It felt very similar to a predecessor IMAX movie on space walks some years ago. This new IMAX movie was supposed to be the first 3D IMAX on space... 2) Speaking of humor, referring to - "Björn Eriksson from Trelleborg What kind of humor (if any) do NASA Astronauts like?" The IMAX movie indicated that some astronauts were into Austin Powers and had some Austin Powers soundtrack on...this was sort intriguing!
Rod from Blairsville
Today's world is very complicated with countries always having to deal with tension. Have there been precautions taken to guarantee the continued smooth operation of the ISS during international confrontations?
Dennis from Fargo
Can the ISS be placed out of Earth's orbit? Can the shuttles also leave Earth's orbit? If so, wouldn't it be cheaper to move the ISS out of orbit, then it would to not take rocket burns to maintain altitude?
HP from Atlanta, Georgia
The ISS crew currently consists of three members on a four to five month rotating basis. When does the ISS expect to be able to support a larger crew and will duration of stay for crew members increase in the future or is that four to five month tour considered the optimum stay for the near future?
Guido from Maastricht
How long did you train for this mission -- from the beginning when you hear that you are on this mission until lift-off?
Bill Reddin from Mount Mellick, IR
I recently watched a TV Documentary [Discovery Channel] about the building of the ISS. The program featured news that sometime in the future the ISS is to have a Robonaut attached to the ISS that will be capable of doing some of the work outside the ISS along with the astronauts [thus limiting the time the astronauts have to spend outside the ISS] during the building of the ISS. I also understand that NASA has a fleet of what can only be described as circular ball shape computers that will be capable of floating throughout the station, to take measurements of pressure etc., and be of enormous benefit to the crew. My question is when will these robots go in to service on board the ISS?
Jeff from Detroit, Michigan
Is it true that the diameter of the SRBs is limited by the size of a railroad tunnel which they must pass through when being delivered from the manufacturer? Have a great flight!
Mark Austin from Ellsworth, Maine
I've often wondered what does an astronaut do if while out on an EVA they have to throw-up? Has this ever happened?
Mark Austin from Ellsworth
I'm an amateur radio operator and wonder if when a crew is out on an EVA, if HAM stations trying to call or connect with the ISS interferes with communications at all?
Gabriel from Avesta
Hi... I'm a guy from Sweden who has heard that there is a Swede working as an astronaut at NASA... I would like to have his e-mail or in some other way come in contact with him. Thanx...
Stephen from Chesterfield, M
Do the launch windows for shuttle launches to the ISS stay the same or do they always change?
Mike from Charleston
Like Andrea, from Magdeburg, I am curious about the Roll Maneuver during a shuttle launch. What is its purpose?
Krunal from Bensalem, Pennsylvania
Do you believe that the design of the ISS will cause a problem in case of a meteor shower? Why?
Tarun from Gaithersburg, Maryland
In what way is the Mobile Remote Servicer Base System an advantage to the station? What are the current methods to service the International Space Station?
Chris from Kansas City
Are there any new plans for a lighter yet faster and more fuel efficient engine? Where are these plans -- in the development stage or are they even farther along?
Dustin from Newnan, Georgia
How does the Microgravity Science Glovebox work?
Dan Andrews from West Islip, New York
How come planes can fly in the rain but something as advanced as a shuttle can't?
Caroline from Smithtown
After being in the space station for so long will the Internations Space Station crew be able to walk off of the shuttle when it lands or will they need the help of a stretcher, and what kind of medical examination or physical will be required for them by doctors after they land?
Sidibear from Birmingham, UK
If the main engines shut down during launch would it drastically alter the flight path or could the shuttle still be controlled into orbit.
Justin from Wappingers
When do you think NASA will plan another mission to Mars and have big plans for it?
Nick from St. Louis
I have always wanted to be an astronuat. What advice could you give me to help me reach my goal.
Edgardo from Argentina
I want to know if the shuttle can transmit (tx) or receive (rx) radio transmissions after launch while still inside the Earth's atmosphere? Thanks a lot! Edgardo
Larry from Tampa
Where can I find live feeds of the orbiter and/or live feeds from inside the orbiter?
Luis from San Juan
What kind of contigency plan does the ISS have in case of an emergency? How long do life support systems on board last for stranded astronauts? Is there such a thing as an emergency launch to the ISS using the current space shuttles?
Ross from Wilkes-Barre
What benefits will the STS-111 Mission to the space station's crew or cargo, such as the Mobile Remote Servicer Base System, provide in general to the American public?
Joshua from Kingsland, Georgia
Who was the youngest astronaut to ever go up in space?
Michael from Bronx, New York
If I'm not mistaken, the external tank detaches and burns up in the atmosphere. Why can't it also be reused like the SRBs are?
Leonardo from Laredo
What does STS mean? For example, STS-110.
Paulo from Angra, Portugal
Since you guys now have email in space, do you use it to keep in touch with relatives? Plus, I would like to make a sugestion -- there should be a webcam looking down on Earth from the space station so we could watch the views from space.
Steve from Mt. Dora, Florida
During launch the solid rocket boosters provide the lift. What help do the main engines on the shuttle provide? Also, at what pressure do the explosive bolts that hold the shuttle in place let go?
Evan from Omaha
I was just wondering about how long does it take for the crawler to take the shuttle to the launch pad?
Evan from Calgary
What, if any, types of artificial gravity systems are being looked at for this station?
Chuck from Arcadia, California
Why do the radio communications between the shuttle and/or earth and ISS still sound as poor as they did in the 60's and 70's? How come they aren't crystal clear like other radio communications? Good Luck on your mission!!!
Curtis from Boyd, Wisconsin
I heard from numerous sources that the Expedition crew currently on board Alpha will come very close to besting the longest time in orbit for Americans. My question is, will NASA strive for longer and longer endurance missions to practice for any possible Mars crewed mission in the future?
Michael from Lynbrook, New York
My question is concerns the shuttle's main engines. What happens if a computer notices a leak inside the actual engine assembly that could be catastrophic to the orbitor?
Chris from Scotland
What type of enhancements have been introduced to the Canadarm 2 and does every component on the ISS have its country of origins logo on the surface? Also, could I have 'Bubba from Queens, NY' E-Mail address?
Mark from Whitehaven, United Kingdom
What would you say to date has been the greatest benefit to mankind from the space station, and what is its predicted benefit?
Daniel from Zenon Park
I was wondering if it would be possible to use a flywheel mechanism to produce power for the ISS? Have there been any experiments using this technology to produce power in space?
Joe from Valley Stream
Do you feel that the media gives NASA adequate coverage? Does NASA get the credit it deserves for its successes?
Miguel from Loulé, Portugal
If there was an accident in the ISS and the astronauts needed help from the Earth, is NASA prepared to rescue them? How?
Jim from Blue Springs, Missouri
Is the aging process on the human body the same on the International Space Station as it would be on Earth?
Edson from Coimbra, Portugal
What are the major anatomical and physiological modifications, in the human body, in microgavity environments?
Edsom from Coimbra, Portugal
Please explain how the neurovestibular system reacts in microgravity environments. Why?
Eamonn from Ireland
How does the expedition crew prepare/simulate for the isolation of a 6 month stay is space? Do they spend extended time at the poles or under water?
Greg Andrews from Stuart, Florida
Every time the shuttle launches the main engines throttle down as the shuttle passes through a period of maximum dynamic pressure. The command is given to "Go at throttle up" which always keys the tragic imagery in my mind of the shuttle Challenger's last moments. Even though this command was not responsible for the accident, why hasn't NASA changed the terminology "Go at throttle up" which causes me and I suspect so many others to hold my breath and pray each and every time I watch a launch?
Craig from Vancouver
What is the status of the X-37? Is it nearing completion?
Kit from Ramona, California
I've heard that rocket engines are more efficient in a thin atmosphere than at sea level, and most efficient in a vacuum. So why are launches generally made from sea level rather than from a high point in the mountains? Wouldn't a launch from the mountains save fuel since the rocket engines would be more efficient and because the ship is already at a higher potential energy location in relation to the earth?
Ivan from Blumenau, Brazil
What happens with the EFT (External Fuel Tank) after MECO? Does it return and burn up in the atmosphere just moments after separation from the shuttle or does it stay in orbit for a while?
David from Casper, Wyoming
I understand that the Shuttle Main Engines can be gimbaled to aid in steering the shuttle. How far off their standard direction can they be moved (degrees)?
John from Manahawkin, New Jersey
When the shuttle reaches orbit, how much fuel is left on board for the main engines?
Peter from Brisbane
What are the current pro's and con's of vertical versus horizontal lift off for missions into space? Are there any current plans or theories that involve a horizontal take off vehicle?
Mike Werbelow, Jr.
I have wondered this for a while now... could a space shuttle effectively capture a Soyuz module if in trouble, rescue the crew, or.... possibly return both the crew and craft home to Earth?
Chuck from Jacksonville
Does NASA have any plans to develop long term hyperalimination for extended spaceflight?
Brian from Bogota, New Jersey
bout how much does the fuel cost for one space shuttle launch?
Alejandro from Los Angeles, California
I'm currently an enlisted member of the United States Air Force. I'm not a U.S. citizen and since I was in high school in my country I have dreamed and set a goal of becoming a test pilot and then working for NASA as an astronaut. Could you please reply to this question with the steps that I should take from now on? I already know that I have to be a U.S. citizen, that I have to have a Bachelors degree and I'm currently working on these goal. Thanks!
Brian from Bogota, New Jersey
What are some of the main goals that NASA wishes to accomplish with the ISS in the next decade or so?
Connie from Orchard Park
When is the MPLM "DONATELLO" going to make its first flight? STS-111 is taking MPLM Leonardo. Will STS-111 bring back Leonardo or does Leonardo stay docked to the ISS, until it is unloaded and repacked and then returned on a different shuttle?
David from Oakdale, California
Why is the center truss section called S-Zero?
Brian from Bogota, New Jersey
With the growing research capabilities of the ISS, will the shuttle begin to function more as a means of transportation from the Earth to the ISS, or will it continue to be active in research projects undertaken by NASA?
Patrick from Richardson
Although the crew for ISS undergoes extensive psychological testing, has there ever been a case in either the ISS or shuttle program of an astronaut getting claustrophobic? If that were to happen, what can be done for them?
Jennifer from Tucson
Are most pilots who enter NASA to be astronauts mainly from the Air Force, Navy or some other branch of the military?
Taylor from Colorado Springs
What percentage volume of the multi-purpose logistics module is occupied by scientific experiments and what percentage is reserved for non-science supplies?
Jennifer from Tucson
What do most astronauts have their degrees in?/td>
Elliot from Watkinsville
Is NASA looking into alternative energy sources to fuel the shuttles, perhaps making launches less expensive and more frequent?
Ryan from Farmington
What is a Multi-Purpose Logistics Module and what is its purpose?
Jennifer from Tuscon
How are astronauts choosen for their roles or jobs on a mission? How was Ellieen Collins selected to be the first female pilot and commander of a space shuttle?
Jonathan Tuten from Cape Coral, Florida
Is it possible to display miniture forms of all the flags of all nations of Earth on the ISS?
Kyle from Lancaster
What kind of new frontiers will ISS open for future space exploration?
Gabe from Inverness, California
How does the power of the STS main engines compare with that of the Saturn V launch vehicle?
Pablo from Alajuela
I'd like to know how long it takes for the Endeavour crew to reach orbit after lifting off from Miami? Please, if I win my poster I'd love to have it with Franklin Chang-Diaz's signature -- he's a Costa Rican although he had to become a United States citizen to be an astronaut, but he makes our little country very proud. Thanks a lot for this opportunity of getting a poster. Your Friend, Paul
Ed from Clovis, California
Regarding the roll maneuver during launch -- why not just position the launch platform at such an angle that the roll will not be necessary?
Wayne from Raleigh, North Carolina
Is there any difference between the zero gravity experience while in orbit and the zero gravity experience in empty space (away from the effects of gravity)?
Pete from Baltimore
With two "space tourists" having already visited the station, and the popularity to do so seemingly increasing exponentially, how major a concern is this for the international space community? How severely does the need for additional funding sources narrow their choice in the matter?
Panu from Brighton, United Kingdom
First of all, bon voyage everyone! I've noticed that there are several astronauts who are at a so called "experienced age." I'd like to know -- do NASA astronauts have a mandatory retirement age or can they fly as long as they can pass the physical?
Seth Carson from Laramie, Wyoming
On the ISS, what is the current exercise or strength training program used by the astronauts? Are machines used? Elastic bands? Hours spent per day? Resistant amount, etc.? Be specific please. Thanks so much!
Ruby from Garberville
What is it like in space? From Ruby, age 4, Northern California
Geroge from Cotati, California
What is the most fun thing to do at the International Space Station?
Tony Phillips from Bishop, California
Why do we need a microgravity glovebox? Can astronauts do better science on station if they can reach in and touch the experiments?
Don from Tuscola
Could the shuttle ever be used as an emergency vehicle for someone trapped in orbit around the moon?
John from Santa Barbara
How many lithium batteries does it take to run the ISS.
James from San Diego, California
Does the amount of thrust used change corresponding to the amount of mass being lifted? Thank you and God Speed tomorrow! James
Brian from Fort Wayne
How do the launches of the shuttle effect the ozone layer adversely?
Carpentier from Etrun
How do you know when the ISS is just above my region, which is the north of France?
Ryan Voll from Red Deer
After the completion of the ISS, how much will it contribute to the flight of humans to Mars, and return trips to the Moon. Will it contribute to the expansion of human life with colonies and space settlements?
Nancy from Kingman, Arizona
What percentage of the shuttle is mechanical and what percentage electronic? What's an LRU?
Taylor from Colorado Springs
Jon -- can you tell me why the space shuttle's engine nozzles appear to 'wobble' during liftoff? Does this truly happen or do I just need a new TV?
Lee from Hong Kong
I would like to ask for an explanation of the function of the Mobile Remote Servicer Base System. Also, could I have the poster? Thank you very much.
John from Woodbine, Maryland
The law of physics states that an orbiting satellite such as the International Space Station will never hit the ground because it is falling with the curvature of the Earth. If this is true, then why do satellites still re-enter the atmosphere and crash on Earth? Is it because the velocity of the satellite is simply not strong enough to maintain its orbit?
Judi from Longs
France has been on the cutting edge of pharmaceutical research & development...Does the med lab do work related to motor neuron diseases?
Taylor from Colorado Springs How many different civilian contracting companies, on average, participate in the building of one of our space station modules?
Austyn from St. Joseph
I have heard that traveling in space is fun, but when it is night time on the ISS, or at least when the sun is not out and you have to do a space walk, does it seem like you are jumping into a pool and blackness?
Mark from Albuquerque
How do mission managers keep track of who fixes a specific part when needed? The team that fixed the valve on the launch pad seemed to complete the work in a timely manner and no delays were caused. Can you give us an idea of how many people are involved in keeping the program successful?
Steve from Olympia
How long does it take to fill the external tank of liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen? And how soon before liftoff is it filled?
William from Rowlett, Texas
Is there a device or method for measuring the equivalent earth surface weight of an object in microgravity? Can mass or inertia be determined there and used to calculate what the weight would be in normal gravity?
Raymond from Fresno, California
Is it possible to give the times and locations of when the ISS passes over Central California? I have read that the ISS is now the brightest object in our night sky. Is this a fact or just some attention grabbing myth?
Roger from Atlanta, Georgia
I have a question for Peggy Whitson on the new Microgravity Science Glovebox. When will the new equipment be used for biochemistry research and what will be the focus of study?
Miti from Vancouver
Are astrounauts are in space, are they under a constant bombardament of harmful radiation or is the magnetic field of the Earth strong enough to deviate all the harmfull charged particles? Or does the space shuttle and/or the ISS has protective materials specially made for this purpose?
Luca from Padova, Italy
Is anyone studying new expansions for the ISS after its ending on 2006? Maybe a bigger rotator gravity module? Is the future, after the ending of the station, to expand it or to build another one?
Callum from Aberdeen
How many engines does STS-111 have?
Birgitta M. from Frankfurt
During the microgravity experiments of the astronauts' pulmonary function before and after EVAs, is there already anything known on the microgravity's effects on the pulmonary lipids (i.e. pulmonary surfactant)?
Roberto from Naples, Italy
I guess there are an enormous number of screws and bolts on an STS. I ask to myself how can you guarantee that they are all perfectly locked even after a large number of flights? Thank you
Dan from Spingfield
What is the most important experiment that would benifit people now, on the space station? Do we charge other nations for putting its people or equipment on the station, or does the U.S. pay for everything? Thank you
Michal from Prague, Czech Republic
Because of recent computer failures on ISS, are there any permanent back-up plans? What scenario is prepared in a case of a threat to astronauts?
Rafal from Warsaw, Poland
Why is the exact date and hour of a space shuttle launch only released 24 hours before launch? I remember that once it was given much earlier, why is that?
Bruce from Mount Kisco, New York Once again, an STS mission is scheduled for a Thursday lift-off. Why is it always Thursday? Also, I have not been able to find the answers to the accepted questions for previous missions on the web page. How do I find them?
Chary from Philippines
Does the International Space Station have any hardware or machines that were specifically invented for it and cannot be found anywhere else? What are they?
Gary from Normal, Illinois
How did the worker or workers get into the main engines to replace the problem valve?
Peter from Plymouth I know every effort has been made to cover all safety aspects in the event of a malfunction, but what would happen if one of the solid boosters lit and one didn't? (God forbid!) All the best to all those at NASA. MAC
James Edwards from St. Augustine
I want to watch it go up. Everybody and his brother knows where the rocket is. So think about it -- tell us when you are going to launch it. All I want to do is watch it go up.
Richard from Rutland, Vermont
In the movie "2001," the space station rotates to simulate gravity for its inhabitants. Is there, or was there, any plan of a similar structure on the ISS? Would this allow the inhabitants to prolong their stay, or are there other constraints?
Daniel from Bonn, Germany
How do you define a day aboard the space station and how long is a working day as an astronaut on the ISS (more than 12 hours)?
Richard from Rutland, Vermont
Do the occupants of the ISS receive increased radiation exposure within the ISS as opposed to the dosage of radiation they would receive on Earth? What about during periods of high solar activity?
Stephen from Jacksonville
Are there prolonged or permanent effects to astronauts resulting from their periods of weightlessness in space? A crews rotated due to that effect?
Daniel from Bonn, Germany
In the case of an emergency, how long would it take to evacuate the ISS and send the astronauts back to Earth?
David from Glasgow
How long does it take to plan out a mission for an ISS crew?
Nick from Melbourne, Australia
I am really interested in becoming an astronaut for NASA. Is it very difficult for non-Americans to achieve this position? I'd really like some tips on what to do in the future so that maybe I can go to space one day.
Jon from Ocala, Flroida
Is it necessary for today's space shuttle pilot to first be a military pilot like the early astronauts?
Andromeda from Ioannina, Greece
I am from Greece and I study in the physics department of Ioannina. My question is how someone can be accepted from NASA as an astronaut and also, are there currently any Greek astronauts? Thank you!
Mike from Mt. Dora
With respect to the space station, why can't we just shoot the trash off towards the sun instead of bringing it back to Earth?
Matt from Monahans, Texas
How do you become a astronaut? How long is training for astronauts?
Ferenc from Oss, Holland
This question is about the Venture Star or X-33. This project stopped some while ago. Why I'm asking? NASA just made public that they have chosen three possible ideas to replacing the space shuttle. Ideas cost time to develop plus time and cost to make the craft. With the Venture Star/X-33 you already were building a prototype. Yes I know, this was a money aspect. But the new ideas will cost money too. I think that if NASA had continued the Venture Sstar/X-33 project then in 1,2 or 3 years NASA could maybe replace the shuttles with a cheaper vehicle. What is your opinion about this?
Seth from Seattle
When the obiter returns from space, are the main engines on or is the entire return maneuver that of a glider?
Nora from DuBois, Pennsylvania
Is there any correlation between shuttle missions and the amount of rain fall?
Naeema Mulla from England
When exactly will you be sending kids to space. If you are, I'm 13 and available.
James from Atlanta, Georgia
During launch, the three SSMEs are supplied with fuel (liquid hydrogen) and oxidizer (LOX), but since these fuels are not hypergolic in nature, what actually ignites the mixture?
Dave from Ft. Leonard Woo
Heat tile loss from the shuttle used to be problem early on in the shuttle program. Has tile loss been solved completely? How many tiles (average) come off each shuttle mission?
Aaron from Sydney
Is it possible for the shuttle to make a return trip to Mars? If not, what are the limiting factors?
Jonell from Phoenix
I was wondering about the physical condition of the astronauts when they return to Earth? Are their muscles stiff or weaker when they return? I know they do exercises up in space, does this help? Thanks.
Mandy from West Warwick
Is it possible for the space shuttle to burn up during take off in the atmosphere and if so then why is shuttle pointed straight up without any angle?
Julio from Palm Bay
How long is the life of the main engines on the shuttle?
Julio from Palm Bay
How long is the life of the shuttle main engines? I notice you're changing them...how can I get a pass to go see a launch? Hope to hear from you. Sincerely, Julio Compte
Decature from Skokie, Illinois
Hello, I am a graduating senior from Loyola Academy High School in Wilmette, IL and will be attending Baylor University in Waco, TX -- my major will be Aeronautical Sciences. First question -- am I on the right track in the process of trying to become a pilot astronaut? Second, I am African-American, has there ever been an African-American Pilot Astronaut?
Stanley from Burnaby
When will the U.S. government allow civilians to travel to the International Space Station?
Skyuen from Burnaby
How does the most recent modification to the Canadarm enhance the ability of the space shuttle?
Stanley from Burnaby
How has the turn around time been for the space shuttle since the first launch to the present time?
Susan from London
I have recently seen the 3D film about the ISS's construction. It seems like an amazing place -- but the thing that sticks in my memory is the view! How does seeing our planet from above make you feel -- do you ever get complacent about being up there? Is the ISS ever going to be given a name? The shuttles all have names!
Luis from Otero
Greetings! I have tickets (five of them) to attend today's launch. This is an important event for my kids (and surely for my wife and me to experience it). Can you tell me the odds in favor and against today's launch due to weather conditions?
Robert Gallion from St. Petersburg, Florida
Why does the Canadarm 2 need repair, what part of it is not working?
Douglas from Elizabeth City
How much fuel does the space shuttle use per flight?
David from Glasgow, United Kingdom
Are there any plans to invite more countries to be a part of the ISS?
Raymond from Dallas
I am overwhelmed by the hard work that all the scientists and engineers put into each project and I just want to say on behalf of them that everyone is doing an excellent job. Does NASA have any money left over for the use of research in artificial gravity? It would play a massive role if we ever decided to go to Mars someday, and I am sure that the ISS would be a good testing ground for that. Please answer my question and try to e-mail me back. Thank you for all ya'lls good work.
Patrik from Ö-vik, Sweden
How much thrust can the space shuttle produce when all rockets are at max throttle?
Cole from Freeport, Bahamas
Will we be able to see the launch from Grand Bahama? Good luck! Cheers, Cole
Vince from London
How do snapshots by astronauts compare with remote satellite imaging of earth? Could this be applied to astronomical objects such as planets?
Burns from MTC, Michigan
Is NASA going to start taking civilians into space for money - maybe to help with the immense costs of space flight? Also, with all the ice found on Mars -- can we expect a Mars mission in the next 20 years? I sure hope so ! I think all the countries that came together to build the ISS was an achievement in its own right - the same (theoretically) could be done on a Mars mission.
Francois Maltai from Jonquiere
I would like to know when you are able to install a radio telescope or a telescope like Hubble onboard ISS to seek Space? The cost must be lesser than an orbiting telescope like Hubble?
Kryna Meunier from Jonquiere
When will ISS be finished? What will be the following stage, the Moon or Mars?
JoJo from Orlando
Is it feasible to think my grandchildren could inhabit an ISS being non-astronaut civilians, because technology is on such a fast track course?
Jeff from Binghamton
From one of my 6th grade students, Adam, We just watched a movie on the Challenger today in class and I plan on watching the launch of the shuttle tonight. I am happy to see that NASA and Thyocol have made better decisions since Challenger. My question is how does the shuttle know how to enter the atmosphere so it lands at that tiny runway? How hot does it get slowing from 17,000 mph?
Alicia Maltais from Jonquiere
Do the astronauts have a time limit during their spacewalks?
Dean from Newmarket, Ontario
Are there any plans to conduct solar experiments or observations during the solar eclipse, by either the shuttle if it is still aloft then or by the ISS?
Alexis Maltais from Jonquiere
If astronauts "fall" from ISS, can the space shuttle assist them?
Grady from Cincinnati
My question refers to the ISS. Exactly how many countries are involved with it, and how long will it take to finish?
Lorenzo from Rome, Italy
Dear NASA, I am curious about how the main engines of the space shuttle start. It looks like there is a spark (visible on the lower part of the exhaust pipe) that starts seconds before ignition. Thanks and have a good launch. Lorenzo Francesconi
Dennis from Gulf Breeze, Florida
Have there been any improvements made to the rocket boosters recently?
Bill from Virginia Beach
1. Are there any plans for future expansion of the ISS beyond what is currently scheduled? 2. Will the ISS be used as a building and launch platform for a future manned Mars mission spaceship?
David from Buffalo
Has an astronaut's spacesuit ever been compromised during a mission by a micrometeorite hit?
Cindy from Gainesville
For Peggy Whitson: You are the first astronaut I've heard describe a mission on the space station similar to traveling and working abroad, complete with e-mail and telephone. Although many people have highly-choreographed workdays, yours will be mind-boggling. With your research interest in the human effects from space travel, have you considered writing a book after you return to share the human side of this adventure?
Arnie from Hickory
How much weight can the Canadarm handle on earth?
William from Port St. Lucie
Since the ISS is almost a "closed loop" system as far as environmental factors, how often is water recycled for daily use and personal consumption? What are the steps that water goes through to be effectively recycled for personal consumption? How much water is lost and unrecoverable due to factors such as evaporation and other factors?
Kerry from Toronto
On the space station, aside from the suction-toilets, what adaptations have been made to make living easier for astronauts? For example, handles on the walls, etc.? Do you use things like magnetic boots to walk normally? I'm writing a story about Mars and any info would be very helpful! Thank you! :)
Duane from Los Altos, California
Why are there built-in holds during the countdown? Does this give the ground crew time to repair or recalibrate systems, and still hit the launch window?
Butch from Rochester Hills
When the space station needs to make an orbital adjustment, do the occupants of the space station feel the movement of the adjustment? In a car, you press on the gas and you feel it. Being in outer space and weightless, does the adjustment move the space station and the occupants without their knowledge or do they feel it?
James from Anaheim
Why does it take two days in orbit before for the shuttle docks with the space station?
Terry from Oklahoma City
I've heard that due to budget cuts, the ISS will probably hold a crew of three instead of the original number of seven. What are the chances of the ISS being completed so it will hold a crew of seven?
David from West Palm Beach
Is the pressure difference between the SSME He and the aft RCS He which only allows the aft RCS to draw from the SSMEs and not the reverse because the SSMEs were never designed for on orbit maneuvering except re-entry?
Ralph from Graeagle, California
Why, for safety purposes, do we not have a shuttle at the space station at all times for rescue or whatever and have it only leave the station when a new shuttle arrives?
David from West Palm Beach
Why doesn't the space shuttle go directly to the ISS instead of spending a day before linking up ?
Jorge from Atlanta, Georgia
How do the astronauts spend their free time? How do they avoid getting "cabin fever?"
Are there any investigations going on aboard the space station relative to other galaxies?
Dr. Butler from Miami, Florida
Does NASA have any plans to allow "space tourists" on the shuttle? I'd like to take my nephew to the ISS in the future.
Max from Jacksonville
Are the shuttle's main engines used during liftoff? If so, how many PSI are exerted by them?
Jerry from Burbank
Why does the shuttle not take off in the rain, when large commerical aircraft are not effected unless it's really bad weather?
Shaun from Tukwila
Is it fun being a astronaut?
Andrew from St. Augustine
Even with the tiles, how hot does the shuttle get? Also, how much does it expand from the heat upon re-entry
Kevin from Tukwila
Why do astronauts wear diapers during launch?
Jose from Tukwila
Are you scared during a launch and while on orbit?
Dean from Dallas
How big are the shuttles on board fuel containers? In other words, when the main fuel tank is jettisoned, how many gallons of hydrogen and oxygen are left?
DC from Charleston
The last main engine upgrade was touted as improving safety and efficiency. Are there any radical changes visible on the horizon?
Emma from Tukwila
Is it scary in space?
Allan from Statesville
When does NASA plan to increase the number of participants on board the International Space Station?
Crystal from Tukwila, Washington
How long does it take to get to get the shuttle to the launch pad? Also, how long is astronaut training and how many years of school does it take?
Cathy from Tukwila
How do you take the pictures of the sights you see in space? Do you use an original camera? Or do you use a special kind?
Ashley from Tukwila
If you discover a new object in space how do you react?
Jeffrey from Ottawa
Is it possible to create an aritificial gravity (comparable to that on earth) aboard a space station by spinning it around its axis?
Joey from Australia
During a 24 hour period, how many times does the ISS orbit the earth?
Aaron from Austin, Texas
What is the progress status for the completion of the multiple-launch/reentry shuttle, and how many occupants are estimated? Thanks for creating this opportunity to exchange thoughts. Godspeed Astronauts!/td>
Holly from Metaline Falls
Do the rocket boosters explode when they break off from the shuttle?/td>
Aaron from Austin, Texas
I would imagine that to ensure high production quality, many shuttle parts would be created in a cleanroom environment. If a cleanroom is necessary how would this room compare to an everyday room, say a hospital room or an office?/td>
Ralph from Frederick, Maryland
What time reference do you use on the ISS, GMT?
Paul from Northampton, United Kingdom
When Apollo 13 launched some folks thought spaceflight was 'routine.' But the Challenger mission proved them wrong. How do today's astronauts feel? Is spaceflight becoming 'routine?'
Ralph from Frederick, Maryland
Have there been any major problems within the ISS that were caused by the recent strong solar flare activity? If so, how serious are the problems and would the solutions delay the construction of the ISS?
Paul from Northampton, United Kingdom
The Russians have now carried 'tourists' to ISS. When can we expect the other participating nations to follow this trend? (Do you accept credit cards? ;)
Russ from Genoa City, Wisconsin
With Earth creating its own Magnetic Flux are there any differences noted in electronic circuit EMF? Has the space station recorded any variation of inductance in circuits? P.S. We all fly with you! Thanks!
Ian from Burbank
Why does Endeavour have a 'u' in it? Did Webster miss this one? Author, Harbor & color to name a few, don't have a u.
Adrian from Plymouth England
How much control does the pilot have during launch, and how much is it computer controlled? Have a safe one!
Craig from Harrisburg
Will the astonauts have artificial gravity inside the space station?
Thom from Washington, D.C.
How close to the space station does the shuttle start slowing down and from the point at which it starts to slow, how long does it take to dock with the ISS?
Jon from Sioux City
How is Peggy Whitson doing? I am her cousin and am interested in her flight to the ISS. Thanks!
Van from New Port Richey
Why the big deal about the exact launch times? The terrorists want us to worry. Let's have the exact launch times given so we can make plans to see the launches like we have done before (I've seen about 20 in person). Good luck! Van
Mary from Festus, Missouri
Is the space station ever going to get artificial gravity?
Emilio P.F. from Lugo, Spain
Does the Endeavour have the latest generation in navigation computers? Thanks very much!
Charlie from Palm Beach Florida
Will the returning crew have problems with dizziness? It would seem that no gravity would send more blood to the brain, whereas returning to Earth after almost six months would then pull blood from the brain. How does the heart react to these changes?
Don from Waycross
Why is liquid hydrogen allowed to escape from the main fuel tank?
Jordan from Warner Robins
Does the International Space Station have good pressure in it? I mean like in an airplane there's good air pressure. So is it good in space?
Tiffani from Beverly Hills
What sort of weather is required for launch? Under what circumstances do you have to cancel, and why?
Jesse from Leesburg
How can we find out if the launch is postponed or not? I am going to drive two hours to see it and would like to know if it is going to go at a later time.
Noah from Weatherford, Oklahoma
How long does it take for the shuttle to reach supersonic speeds?
Darrel from Ft. Payne
How much horsepower do the shuttle's main engines produce at the time of lift off?
Ann and Alison from Oxfordsire, United Kingdom
Why don't we hear very much about launches etc. in the UK? We are just as interested as the U.S.! Is it possible to watch the launch on the web?
Fred from Madeira Beach
We have been told as of this a.m. that the weather looked like it would cause a delay in launch. How does it look now?
Sheri Bloom from Hudsonville, Michigan
My class just finished Rocket Day yesterday and are excited about watching the Endeavour shuttle launch tonight. One question my students wanted to know is how does one prepare to be an astronaut? They are in fourth grade and want to know how early one can get started on this career? Also, they are curious about the prepared flight patches and wanted to know how the crews choose their final patch emblems?
Neil from Tooele, Utah
On page 392 of "John Glenn a Memoir," Mr. Glenn relates that the G-Force on Mercury 3 was much greater (eight times the force of gravity) than the G-Force on STS-95 (three times the force of gravity) Why is this? I would think it would take much more force to move the shuttle and payload into full orbit than it took to get Friendship 7 into such a low orbit. Also Mr. Glenn notes that Lloyds of London was the only company willing to insure him for the amount of $100,000 but that the premium just for the duration of his flight was $16,000. Is it easier now for astronauts to get life insurance?
Michael Clemmer from South Milwaukee
Have there been any viable solutions to retrieving the main fuel tank from a shuttle launch, and does it pose a threat to any of the missions? God Speed!
Kurt from Germantown, Maryland
What route does the shuttle follow and will we be able to see it with the naked eye in the Washington, D.C. area? Thanks
Matt from Columbia
In operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting problems on the ISS, how involved does the ISS crew get versus the control center team? Does it depend on the type of problem as to how it is corrected? Matt
Rick from West Palm Beach, Florida
What do you do about solar flares while you are in the ISS?
Shane from Goldsboro
What process does the engine go through in prepreation for the next launch once the orbiter has landed from a previous mission?
Earl from Hirst
Why do most space shuttles go to the East and not the West?
Brandon Raley from Arlington, Texas
How many square feet does the International Space Station have and how many people can it hold at its max?
Diana from Hilton Head
On certain days we are able to visualize the space station as it seems to streak across the sky. How fast is the ISS traveling?/td>
Sara Sidle from San Diego
What is the mission of the ISS?
Andrew from Stratford, Connecticut
I am in the second grade, and want to be an astronaut when I grow up. What advice can you give me about the education and experiences I should pursue to attain my goals? Also, can I have an STS-111 poster please?
Richard from Naples
Every launch...every landing...and everything in between still amazes me. Has the novelty worn off at NASA? It seems it has with the American public -- does that trouble anyone at NASA?
Ann from Gaspe, Canada
I know that Canada is contributing the Mobile Base and Canadarm2 to the station. What else?
John from Clewiston
Do astronauts receive additional salary or bonus during actual flights?
Sebastien from Laval, Canada
I have heard that Canadarm2 can "walk" from one point to another on the station on its own. If this is so, why do we need a Mobile Base to transport it?
Sebastien from Laval, Canada
How fast does the mobile base travel?
Chris from Atlanta, Georgia
Tracking the ISS, I notice that it seems to have a wave path around the globe. Does the ISS orbit around the Earth or does the Earth rotate beneath the ISS?
Matt from Monahans, Texas
How do men go to the bathroom in space?
Sebastien from Laval, Canada
I read that the mobile base can carry science experiments as well as other kinds of equipment. What kind of experiments would need to be transported outside the space station?
Kurt-Peter from Wendlingen
Could you explain the official crew member transfer procedure in the ISS? What are custom "seat liners" and why do crew members swap/change them at different days?
Ann from Gaspe, Canada
Aside from Canadarm2 and the Mobile Base System, what else is Canada contributing to the ISS?
Ann from Gaspe, Canada
Why is Canadarm2's joint being changed?
Dan from Los Angeles
I wanted to know if it was going to be possible to launch young boys into space since they seem to have the most interest and get the most excited about things like that.
Sebastien from Laval, Canada
Re an earlier question regarding Robonaut -- I know that Canada has plans to build a robot like this for the station. When will it be launched?
Jeffrey from North Evans, New York
How long does it take to determine where the different components of the payload should be placed in the payload bay for best flight performance?
Roberto Trostel from Santiago, Chile
Dear Engineers: I am a recent graduate Mechanical Engineer, my question is... what materials are used in the helmet (casing) of the space ship to support high temperatures, close contacts and environmental attacks? Thank you.
Joss from Grapevine, Texas
Is each engine controlled separately, or does the same amout of fuel, etc, feed to each engine equally?
Aaron from Sydney
What do the space shuttle engines push against in space to provide propulsion?
David from Lecanto
During engine ignition there are horizontal "sparkler" emmissions on each side of the main engines. What are these for?
Dan from Springfield, Ohio
After the shuttle launch was canceled, how long does it take for the astronauts to leave the shuttle, and do they have to go to a debriefing?
Jim from Blue Springs, Missouri
When a launch has to be canceled within a few minutes of lift-off, as it was today; what procedures have to be done to ready the shuttle for the next launch date?
Jim from Blue Springs, Missouri
How soon after a cancellation can a launch date be re-scheduled providing the weather is good?
Jane from Cocoa Beach
I found the answer to my question (are the SRBs retrieved after dropping in the ocean) while reading more on your website today. I have to say - the NASA website is pretty awesome! Lot's of great info and very interesting. You need to get the word out to get more people interested! PS. Today was a beautiful day at Cocoa Beach and the Cape - I wonder why the launch wasn't earlier in the day?
Debra from West Palm Beach
Where does the crew stay during a launch delay?
Lorna Ortega from SJ, Costa Rica
I was wondering if the NASA scientists have thought of sending a child to the ISS. Is there any project?
Terje from Oslo
What is the relationship between CNES and ESA (the European Space Agency)?
Terge from Oslo
What is the cost of retreiving and refurbishing the SRBs compared to producing new ones for each launch? Also, how much extra weight is added to the SRBs to make them reusable (parachute, extra strength, water-resistance, extra electronics and what do I know)? Lastly, what environmental implications are there to the choice of re-usability? I understand that the answer has to be approximate, but I guess these things have been thought over quite heavily. I would also like to suggest that a selection of questions and answers are posted to the web. Good luck with the next launch attempt(s)!
Terge from Oslo
How much damage is done to the shuttle by things that hit it (micrometeorites to birds) during launch, spaceflight and reentry? During which part of the flight does the shuttle receive the most hits? How will this limit or challenge your ability to reduce turnaround time for the shuttle or future replacements of the shuttle?
Jacques from Paris, France
What tips and hints do veteran astronauts give to rookie astronauts to help them succeed on an EVA?
Scott from Honolulu
Will the International Space Station have any experimets/observations of the Oort cloud and Kipler belt to determine the approximate density of comets and other space debris in that area/location?
John from Bell, Florida
As a surveyor, I am familiar with X, Yand Z coordinates. I overheard some astronauts mention an N coordinate -- what is that in relation to?
Julio from Palm Bay
How long is the life of the main engines? I've noticed you are changing them.
Bernhard from Graz, Austria
Would it be feasible, once the station has completed its terrestrial duty, to attach a low-thrust ion or hall engine, a lander module and extra storage modules and use the station as a low cost earth-mars transfer vehicle? It has most of what is already needed for a mars mission: life support (with most of the bugs worked out), plenty of power, scientific equipment, space walk capability and so on. Thanks, Bernhard.
Michael from Huntsville, Alabama
Where can I get a detailed layout of the interior of the ISS?
Tyler from North Battleford
When planning of the ISS was underway, why didn't NASA incorporate some sort of centrifugal force, artificial gravity section for long term space missions?
Gary from Hampton
When will the new spacecraft be used?
Stan from Albuguerque
When weather is expected to be similar to yesterday at launch time, why was the launch not scrubbed till the weather outlook is more likely to meet NASA's launch criteria?
Ali Koshi from Coral Gables
What country's laws are enforced on the International Space Station?
Albert from Longview
When the shuttle completes its mission, how long does it take to get it ready to go back in space, and where is this done?
Timmy from Canterbury
I know that NASA tries to send different types of people into space (teachers, etc.) Has NASA ever considered sending a high ranking university official?
Tim from Indianapolis
Can I see STS-111 (or any launch for that matter) from Indianapolis? (day or night launch) I have been trying to"teach" my five year old daughter a thing or two about astronomy. She (we) would love to be able to see it. Secondly, where do I look (I know generally south but could you be more specific?) I would think once the orbiter clears "my horizon," I could see it.
Chorkler from Tatiyatka
Is it possible to launch the shuttle from California?
Karen from Mansfield
Will the space station be used some day to build and launch satellites and spacecraft? What would be different about launches from the space station, other than the speed?
Karen from Mansfield
What does the space station use as a power source?
Fern from Savananah
On STS-111 core crew, not the expedition 5 crew, we have the nick-names Taco, Paco, and Pepe. Definitely a hispanic flavor. What is Franklin Chang-Diaz's nick name? Does he have one?
Chris from Baltimore
How long does it take for the shuttle go from 0 - 60?
Corey from Lincoln, Nebraska
hen will the next generation of space launches happen, such as a new shuttle, a new method of launch and so forth.
Love from Stockholm
Hi. I was wondering how weather conditions affect the spacecraft? I was also wondering if it is possible for a launch during these kinds of harsh conditions, such as storms, etc.? Thank you

I was just reading on the NASA homepage that the launch was off until Monday because of storms and possible hail. Would hail do more damage to the shuttle/fuel tank then any woodpecker?
Anais from El Paso
How long will the ISS be in orbit? How long will it be in space?
Nichole from Tukwila, Washington
Do you guys have special heaters in your space suits? Was there ever life on Mars, like aliens or something?
Scott from Cape Canaveral
Why are there no shuttle launches on Saturday or Sunday?
Karen from Punta Gorda
Why schedule a launch between 4 and 8 during the rainy season in Florida, when the morning weather is likely to be more favorable?
Andrew from Los Angeles
How long can the shuttle wait on the launch pad without having to be serviced again with multiple launch delays??
Ken from Laconia, New Hampsihre
How many pounds of thrust do the Main Engines need to produce before the SRB'S ignite?
Fiona from Melbourne, Australia
It has been reported in the media that NASA has been looking for old computer parts to replace parts in computers used for Space Shuttles. Since the ISS is new, does it use old parts like the Space Shuttles or does it use new up to date parts?
Jim from Sacramento
Is the cause of the purple-pink glow of the space shuttle as it reenters the atmosphere, the firing of the engines, or friction with the atmosphere?
Peggy from Clinton, Mississippi
Will the NASA astronauts be having any press conferences that will be televised?
Peter Chortles from Houston
Could the space shuttle ever land on the Moon?
Tom from Oakland
From your unique and wonderful vantage point at the ISS, is there anything you would like to say to the leaders and people of India and Pakistan to help relieve the political tensions existing there at this critical time?
Shaun from Newcastle
After being in space for so long, how do astroauts feel being back on the ground? I mean, are they sick or something?
Al from Woodland Hills
What is the maximum number of flights a space shuttle main engine can go through?
Marc from Toronto
I need to know what the rate of fuel consumption is for the engines and booster rockets of a space shuttle launch. Also, can you tell me the force that is exerted by the engines per gallon/liter of fuel consumed. Thanks for any help.
Max from Newbury, United Kingdom
When a shuttle is sent to the ISS, how far and how long behind the ISS is its orbit initially?
Tim from Mesquite
Where are the communicaton antennas on the Shuttle and how does the shuttle deal with static discharge during take-offs and landings?
Mike from Oswaldtwistle
Hi from the UK, Mike here. How long do you think it will be before you get gravity on the ISS to make life much better for guys up there?
David from Canada
I have noticed that the space station seems to be slowing down. Is this because of atmospheric friction? And when will you be forced to give the ISS a push, and how?
Michal from Prague, Czech Republic
Are astronauts on ISS instructed how to behave in a situation of contact with UFOs? Are they prepared for any kind of contact with nonterrestrial intelligent beings?
Christine from Cincinnati, Ohio
In books I have read that were published before 1985, the height requirement for a mission specialist astronaut was cited as five feet. On the NASA website I found the height requirement to be four feet, ten and one half inches. Was the requirement lowered in the past sixteen years? If so, is it likely to be lowered again?
Paul Daszuta from Zamość
When does the main countdown procedure start? I mean the countdown after the space shuttle is assembled with SRBs and fueled. Does the water start to leak six seconds before the SMEs ignition?
Billy from Cardiff, Wales
When the astronauts are aboard the ISS, which time zone, if any do they use? Good luck to the crew of STS 111, safe journey.
Mary from Festus, Missouri
Is there any order as to when the shuttles launch, or do they launch in a random order?
Scott from Levittown
To add to the entry from Daniel from Zenon Park: When the astronauts are on exercise bikes, they could be generating power.
Scott from Levittown
A great way for people to become interested and awed by the ISS, would be to have a free flying camera platform in orbit around the ISS. People would feel like they were hovering in orbit with the astronauts.
Terje from Oslo
Why do you have to (or choose to) use human pilots for landing the shuttle? Buran was apparently landed automatically. I am sure American technology would be able to copy that feat if called upon.
Eugene from Hialeah
What are the plans in the event of another booster malfunction during a launch? I would hate to see another Challenger type accident. Have the odds of surviving that type of accident changed?
Chelsea from Little Rock
If you know the weather will be good in the morning, and questionable in the afternoon, why insist on launching in the afternoon?
Leviticus from Vienna, Virginia
I have noticed on some launches the OMS engines are used in the last minutes before insert into orbit. I did not think that the OMS could help that much.
Patrick from Albstadt, Denmark
Why is there a roll maneuver during launch?
Bill Lauper from San Diego
Does NASA have a plan for dental work in space? What would happen if an astronaut broke his front teeth on the shuttle?
Adam August from Washington
What happens if an astronaut ever got seriously injured in space? Is someone in the crew medically trained or is it possible to send up a rescue party?
Chek from Tampa
Who is responsible for stocking groceries on the space station? Does each country take a turn?
Donald from Ventura, California
Are the bunks (beds) in the ISS anything like a Navy ship? How close together do the astronauts have to sleep?
Chek from Orlando, Florida
Do the astronauts enjoy Winn Dixie products in space, like Chek cola?!
Chek from Winn Dixie
Who shops for the food for each mission? Do the astronauts have any choice as to what meals they eat in orbit?
Ken DeMoore from Levenworth, Kansas
Can you be an astronaut if you are a convicted felon?
Marion from Timeshare, Oklahoma
When space tourists are allowed on the space station, will it be like a hotel? Do you think that eventually there will be timeshares available in space?
Marion from Boca Raton
Are any of the astronauts named "Mike" or do any of them like to be called "Mike?"
Denise Gubb from Coral Gables
Do the astronauts enjoy garnish in space or would it float around too much?
Dale from San Diego
I would like to know the time for launch and whether the hold was for mechanical or weather reasons.
Bob from Boston, New York
Hi, What has been the longest shuttle launch delay due to weather and what has been the longest ISS crew time on station extension?
Matthew from Big Lake, Minnesota
How will the Mobile Base System be put on to the Mobile Transporter? And what would happen to the mission of shuttle Endeavour if one of the main engines failed?
Jelly Huston from Bangor, Maine
Have any astronauts ever been fired or disciplined? What rules govern astronaut conduct on the ground and in space?
Richard Walker from Coral Gables
I would like to know if you would ever consider sending another educator into space and how one can apply? Also, what are the requirements/restrictions and do you discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation?
Stephen Haas from Oviedo
How many Solid Rocket Boosters does NASA have? I understand they are recovered and tugged back. Can you briefly describe the processing steps that are taken and the time frame involved?
Stephen Haas from Oviedo
Other than the Challenger accident, has NASA ever been faced with considering any abort options?
Patrick from Boca
What is the propbality of a launch today?
Miguel Ramos-Bu from Big Chortles, M
When are you going to launch the space shuttle?
Bernardo from Mexico City
At T+05M46S, Endeavour will perform a "roll to heads up" maneuver. Once the roll is finished and until MECO, will there be negative g forces generated on the astronauts?
Lily from Des Moines
What are "thick clouds?" Why can't you launch just because the cloud cover is thick?
Martyn from Swansea, Wales
Does NASA have any TAL or Abort from orbit sites in the UK?
Sue from West Palm
If a member of the crew was to slip and fall on the ISS, what country could he sue for damages?
Ryan Berger from Vancouver, British Columbia
Is it possible for a Canadian citizen educated in the U.S. to fly on board the shuttle?
Chek from Ludlam Point
Are there sexual harassment laws aboard the ISS?
Dan S. from Los Angeles
Does the shuttle have lights on it for nighttime landing?
Peter Choate from Dublin
What prevents the shuttle stack from falling over on the pad?
Frank from Springfield, Missouri
I was wondering why the space station crew this time is different in that there is a Russian commander, yet only one American.
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