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STS-109 Mission
Question Board

Damian from Richmond
How long does it take for the orbiter to reach orbit and for the payload bay doors to open?
Roland from Giengen/Germany
Why are there two colors in the foam on the external tank, and what was the reason for the short yellow stripe on the top of the tank at some flights - for example, STS-101?
Stephen from Brisbane (Aust)
I am coming over from Australia to watch the launch on Thursday. Can you tell me about the possible "APU hydraulic pump bolt problem?" Is it something new or is it a recurrent issue from previous missions? Is it serious, and do you know whether it may delay the launch?
Jeff from Orlando
How long will it take for the shuttle to reach the Hubble from the time it takes off?
Allan from Pompano Beach
Can I go to the beach and see the shuttle launch ....will the shuttle take a southern launch path?
Roland (again) from Giengen
Imagine for a shuttle in orbit if it is impossible to close the Payload Bay Doors... what can be done for the stranded Crew?
Chloe from Denver
What are the non-Hubble activities or experiments that will take place during STS-109?
Mitch from Bakersfield
If something goes wrong during the launch, what kind of options does NASA have?
Christian from Vienna
Do the astronauts do any mission training at Kennedy Space Center or do they just arrive right before launch?
Teresa from Madrid
How long does it take after landing to get a shuttle ready for its next launch?
Robin from Mobile
During the countdown what happens in the Launch Control Room?
Mark from Bolingbrook
In the launch of Columbia, what length of time does it take for the shuttle to do the 120 degree roll during ascent?
Marty from Long Island, NY
Why are there programmed holds in the countdown? Why not just make the countdown longer?
Bob from Fort Myers
What is the minimum local temperature and the maximum local wind that are used to determine the appropriate safe launch window? Are there any other "local" weather factors? Thanks, Bob S.
Reno from Beverly Hills
Will the overnight freeze predicted for Thursday result in a delay or postponement of the launch?
Steven from Lake Worth
Why were the launch complexes constructed such that the shuttle launches 90 degrees from its desired altitude, thus requiring the roll maneuver that is initiated on clearing the tower?
Maryann from Trenton
At what temperature and wind conditions would the flight be canceled?
Jon from San Jose
With so many missions dedicated to ISS construction, what happens to the other "shuttle only" missions such as emergency satellite retrieval/repair and the Hubble maintenance?
Derek from England
How long in advance do you plan for new flights?
Alexandra from Kissimmee
How much does the Hubble payload (including any special equipment/tools the astronauts need to use to repair the telescope and equipment required for the space walks such as tethers) weigh?
Olof from Arboga
What is the optimal resolution for the Hubble telescope in the visual range and what is the same for a human eye? Is there a nice metaphor (way to compare) that explains the difference between Hubble and human eye with regard to above mentioned resolution?
Marty from Cuyahoga Falls
Hubble will be receiving new solar arrays which look physically different than those replaced during the first servicing mission. Can you explain what the "improvements" are? Are they for life? reliability? efficiency? Did the engineering changes for these solar arrays come as a result of the space station engineering?
James from Titusville
Why does NASA launch shuttles so early in the morning?
Maynard from Los Angeles
The drummer from my band Tool's last name is Carey, just like the pilot for the STS-109 mission. Any relation?
Rick from Fraser, MI
Comparing the HST to the 200" Hale, realizing the difference in diameter and therefore resolving power, is it really only the atmosphere that the Hale must look through that is the main difference between the two in the ability to discovery?
Liz from Brookfield
What is the optimum temperature to keep the Hubble working on its maximum capacity?
Matthew from Big Lake
When the shuttle lands, why does the shuttle have the front down and the back higher? Does it have something to do with its design?
Liz from Brookfield
What are the best results from Hubble since its installation in space 12 years ago?
Dennis from Fort Lauderdale
I've watched Hubble pass overhead many ties during the early evening. Considering the speed of its orbit, how is it able to focus on an object for an extended period of time? Does it temporarily lose track when its on the opposite side of the Earth?
Dan Maw from Huntsville Ontario
Hi from Ontario Canada, I have a good question to ask. What will happen to the shuttles once they are replaced by another spacecraft later on in the future? Will they be displayed just like the three Saturn rockets that are displayed at the three NASA centers?
Keith from Coral Springs
Why is the fourth servicing mission designated 3B? Is this the final scheduled servicing mission for the world's greatest observatory?
Greg from Maple Grove, MN
Although obviously not directly related to STS-109, could a shuttle mission be designed which would serve functionally as the "command module," in the sense of the Apollo lunar landings; could the payload bay be used to contain a modern version of the lunar module; and could such a configuration reach the moon and successfully land the LEM and return, as in the good old days of Apollo? This country needs something to be very proud of, not that the ISS or Hubble isn't, it's just that the days of Apollo really showed what America was made of.
Keith from Coral Springs
What are the effects of Coronal Mass Ejections on HST operation?
Tim from Plano
What is the extent of ground support personnel and hardware dedication to 'junk/debris' tracking during the EVA's and are there known fields/pieces of debris they will be dealing with this trip?
Brad from Kotzebue
As the space shuttle can be launched in a varied range of atmospheric conditions do changes in density altitude affect the thrust performance of the solid rocket boosters and if so, how is this compensated for?
Russ from Jamberoo
Why is the launch [window] so long compared to the ISS launch windows? (1 hour plus for this mission compared to between 5 and 10 minutes for ISS missions) when both missions involve chasing a spacecraft already in orbit? Thanks!
Rich from New Smyrna
What is the maximum magnification of the Hubble?
Ben from Washington
What kind of upgrades did Shuttle Columbia receive?
Johann from Amsterdam
Are there other payloads going up on this mission that are unrelated to the Hubble Space Telescope service?
Omar from New York
Is the orbiter Columbia capable of docking with the International Space Station, and if it is, will it be going to the ISS in the future?
Kimm from Cape Town
What will take place during each spacewalk?
Liz from Sydney
If the new Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) has so much more speed and discovery power than the Faint Object Camera it is replacing, what kind of images and discoveries might we see with the ACS?
Gerard from Kingston
Is the new Reaction Wheel Assembly an upgrade of the existing one or is it just a replacement? How would a problem with a Reaction Wheel Assembly impact the discovery power of the Hubble?
Tomas from New York
Talk about the spacewalk to install the new Power Control Unit. How difficult will the work be? When will Hubble be turned off, and what if it doesn't turn back on?
Mark from Cape Hatteras
How is the Hubble able to 'see' when so many far-away objects? What makes it so much better than telescopes on Earth?
Adrienne from Corpus Christi
Every few years it seems like regular maintenance is performed on the Hubble Space Telescope. Is it supposed to need to so much work?
Hector from Miami
What does it mean, that the Near Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrometer, or NICMOS, has been in 'hibernation?'
Michiko from Osaka
What are the major components of the Hubble?
Steve from Gainesville
Can you explain "Hubble's Law" for the layperson to understand?
Mike from Chicago
Are there any more servicing missions scheduled after STS-109, and if so, what will they involve.
Christina from Caracas
How long will the Hubble telescope be in service?
Mark Draper from Bolingbrook
How many changes will be made to the Hubble during this repair mission, and when will the Columbia return from her mission?
Kathy from Brookfield
How does the Hubble compare in magnification to Mt. Palomar?
Kathy from Brookfield
Where did the Hubble get its name from?
Kelly from Tucson
How much life does the Hubble have on orbit? Can and will it stay on orbit when a new space telescope is launched?
Anna from Taichung
How long will it take for the shuttle to meet up with the Hubble?
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