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STS-107 Shuttle Processing -- Day One
Question Board

Jeff from Wichita Falls
I know that Discovery is currently in its OMM phase there at KSC...will this continue for the rest of the fleet or will the Palmdale facility still be used in the future? Will Columbia be retrofitted at KSC or Palmdale for space station docking capabilities?
Aren from Vermont
Did you have to take the payloads out of Columbia after the summer launch delay?
James from Cananduagia, New York
The problem with the ball valve with Columbia on the pad - which ones can be checked out?
Matt from Wellington, New Zealand
In my job I come under a lot of stress but I can't imagine how much it is compared to the amount you guys come under. How do you deal with it?
Don from Kansas City
I am bringing a 9 year old soccer team to play for the National Championship and I believe we are all equally if not more excited to see the shuttle lift off. The boys wanted to know how long it takes to get to zero gravity after take off? We wish the best on your voyage!
Jonathon from Louisville
Since Columbia is the oldest of the orbiter fleet, what special challenges does she offer during processing versus the rest of the fleet?
Wayne from Hampton
What is the radius of the restricted airspace around the Cape during a mission? When does the Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) go into effect and how long does it stay in effect? (I am a private pilot who wishes to make a trip through Florida and I want to AVOID the TFR.) ...Wayne
Scott from Mineola, New York
How long does the shuttle have to be on the pad before launch?
Kathy from Palm Harbor, Florida
What happens to the external tank after it separates from the shuttle during launch?
Jonathon from Citra, Florida
Where are the external tanks built, and how do they get to the Cape?
Doug from Coldwater Canyon
Does it damage a shuttle on the pad when the temperature drops below freezing?
Jenny from Omaha, Nebraska
Who on the ground is closest to the shuttle during liftoff besides the astronauts on borad, and how far away are they?
NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center