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STS-107 Spacehab Payload - Day One
Question Board

Rich from Elk Grove, Illinois
With all of the experiences that will be done on the SpaceHab, what is the process of scheduling what gets done first and how is time assigned to each experiment? If there is a problem with one of the experiments what is the process of 'calling that experiment done' and going on to the next one?
Elliot from Pasadena
What is the difference between a single module and a double module? Obviously the dimensions of the shuttle cargo bay can't change, so do you just put twice as many experiments into it?
James from Cananduagia, New York
There is no EVA on this flight, so what will the spacesuits be used for? If the cargo bay doors don't close like they should?
Sam from Utica
Were the rats raised in conditions similar to what they will experience while in space? Will their surroundings look the same, even though there will be no gravity?
Blake from Los Angeles, California
How many times has a Spacehab module flown on the shuttle?
Pierre from Denton, Texas
How does the astronaut crew get from the shuttle crew quarters into the Spacehab module?
Jason from Austin
When did the first Spacehab module fly?
Katie from Jacksonville
How much does it cost to build a Spacehab module?
NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center