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STS-107 Astronaut Astronaut Experience -- Day Two
Question Board

How long have you been flying aircrafts? How old are you?
Jennifer from Terre Haute
How many astronauts have died in space? If any, how did they die?
Jennifer from Terre Haute
Have any of the astronauts gotten lost? If so, how did you find them? Who where they?
Jim from Norwich, Norfolk
Please could you settle an argument for me. How many miles is it to space?
Gina from Sao Paulo
When you are a woman astronaut, is it different than it is for men?
Lee from Conyers
What are the crew doing during a countdown and how hard is a launch on the body?
Panu from Brighton, United Kingdom
How long does it take the launch pad to cool down after a launch?
Kim from South Lyon
What do you do to train for the things you will be doing in space?
Ann from Bakersfield, California
When is our planned mission to Mars?
Cletus from Scottsmore
What is the most exciting part of being weightless? And does it ever get old, like you get homesick for gravity?
Takahashi fro Ichigawa, Japan
Have you ever seen volcano smoke from space?
Matthew from East Greenwich
What are your emotions as the clock gets within a minute?
Jonathan from Liverpool, United Kingdom
How did it feel to be selected as an astronaut and what has been your most moving experience during spaceflight?
Jim from Aberdeen
An EVA can be very dangerous if your suit gets punctured. What precautions do you take?
Jenny from Las Vegas
You must get some spectacular views from Earth orbit; can you see the stars also?
Tammy from Orlando
How many people/astronaut hopefuls begin training every year? How many make it all the way through?
Karen from Sioux City
Since you have gone through so many missions, does it ever start to seem routine? Not boring, but very familiar?
Nick from Walsall, United Kingdom
Building on the experience of each shuttle mission and the success of ISS...where next and when?
Pam from Merritt Island, Florida
What contributions, if any, has Israel made to the International Space Station program? If no specific contribution such as robotic arm from Canada, then how did an Israeli astronaut get chosen?
Jenni from Melbourne
Has there even been an astronaut who had a real problem working with any of the critters sent into space?
Carlos from Montevideo
Hello, I would like to know what do I need to do to become part of a crew for a future mission.
Khem Poudyal from Kathmandu
Please explain about the condition of human blood during the space journey. Besides this how is it possible to maintain all the circumstances in free space and weightlessness condition? Please tell about the food which is required during the journey into the space.
Khem from Kathmandu
Can we join to do research work in NASA? What is the criteria to join NASA?
Markus from Darmstadt, EU
Despite the huge interest of the public, why is there so little support from the government for space exploration?
Brian from New York
How are oxygen and water recycled while in orbit?
Doris Schmidt from Tampa
What is it like to find something in space that is unknown to man? Can you describe what it is like to visual space from a space ship?
Helena from Oxford, England
What is the most nerve-wracking part of space flight? Is it the launch, the landing, or something else?
What powers a rocket?
Eric from Jacksonville
Can you see the great Wall of China from space?
Dean Green from Fillmore
Do you ever worry that somthing bad mght happen?
Hans Space from Haarlem, Holland
Do the astronauts have internet on board and can they watch TV in Space?
David Jenkins from Charlotte
How many active space shuttles does NASA have, and how old are they, and how many flights have each had?
Andrea Hofmann from Switzerland
During your trip in space, did you ever feel bad, not physically but psychologically? If so, was there a certain reason like missing your family and what did you do to get over it?
Noah from Powers
What happens to the part of the spaceship that falls back to Earth?
Curtis from Laredo
I was watching CNN last night and saw the security measures that NASA has been taking regarding the security of the mission and the Israeli astronaut. The news obviously made a 'big deal' about the first Israeli in space, and it is quite a 'big deal.' My concern was that CNN might not have informed the public of NASA's intention to put a person of Arabic origin into space also. This has obvious political ramifications, but I was hoping that NASA had a plan for this, and that NASA's PR department could somehow soften the 'blow' to our Arab brothers and sisters that an Israeli 'beat' them into space with the support of the United States. I believe this may only continue to fuel the 'fire' that many Muslims feel that the U.S. only supports Israel (which obviously is not true, one only needs to look at the aid the U.S. have given to countries with a Muslim majority). However, it is a perception of a great many Muslims. Is there any plan to address this issue?
John from Topeka, Kansas
How do astronauts protect themselves from being hit by all the space junk up there like nuts, bolts, screws, things like that, and have any of you been hit and can you die from it?
Dan from Lebanon, Tennessee
Shortly after launch, about five minutes after main engine cutoff, a "ion disturbance" cloud appears for a period of about ten minutes. Can you tell me at what altitude and distance downrange the phenomenon occurs?
Eric from Melissa
How long do you have to go to college to be an astronaut?
Sarah from Madison
What are some of the space life and physical science experiments that will be conducted in the SPACEHAB?
Charmayne from Chinle, Arizona
How can you discover whats coming next? How old do you have to be to be an astronomer?
Rich from Illinois
Even with all the hard work and training involved with being an astronaut, is it fun being an astronaut? What kind of fun thigs did you do on your STS flights?
Jonathan from Cadbury, United Kingdom
How does your food stay on the plate?
Mike from Lindenhurst
What is the difference between a mile and a statute mile, or a nautical mile?
Paul from Marietta, Georgia
On the large overhead map seen on NASA TV, when showing the orbits of the space station, there are large yellow circles over northern Europe and Asia. One is labeled 'SPBA' What are these and what do the represent? Thanks, Paul
Rick Steele from Sarasota
Regarding STS-107, why can't they go to the ISS, dock there and use their amenities while they are running their experiments?
Joe from Ephrata, Pennsylvania
Will the orbital velocity of the ISS ever be increased to maintain a nearly constant altitude? Or, will the shuttle have to continue to periodically give it a boost?
Garrett from Kamiah
How do astronauts go to the bathroom?
Patty from Columbus, Ohio
How many years does one serve in the astronaut program on average, and how many senior citizens are in the seniors (experimental?) program?
Dave from Manchester, United Kingdom
What holds the orbiter, SRB and external tank in place on the launch pad and at what point are they cut free?
Paul from Southampton, United Kingdom
How long do you think it will be before we begin to investigate conception, and pregnancy and perhaps birth, under weightless conditions?
Danielle from Saskatoon
Do you ever get bored of what you do or do things become more exciting each time you're in space? How hard is it to become an astronaut?
Danielle from Saskatoon
What is the actual trip to space like?
Mitch from Redondo Beach
Why does the shuttle fly in a sine wave pattern around the Earth? It flies high into the northern hemisphere, then down to the southern hemisphere, back and forth.
Eder from Curitiba
Hi! I'd like to, in the future, travel with the space crafts to the space station, how can I apply for that? How should I proceed to have a chance of getting out there? Sincerely, EDER and LISIANA
Arno from Wayne
How long does basic training take for an astronaut?
Henry from London
I was wondering... with each subsequent shuttle mission do you feel that you are contributing to humanities "future history" (if so, how) or do you feel that on a "Human-kind" level that they are just routine? P.S. for the record I think you all do a great job and every moment spent by humans in space is a miracle to behold!
Nick from Grand Rapids
What are your requirements for exercise when on board a mission?
Ashley from Melbourne
What sensation of noise and vibration do you get? Frightening, unnerving, confidence building?
Meg Reese from Texas
Some of our science books at school say the astronauts experince a G-5 pull and others say a G-3. If it wouldn't be a trouble, could you tell us which they feel?
Madhu from Ames
Do astronauts feel sleepy in space? If yes, how long can one sleep in weightlessness? Can one sleep when floating in the air?
Richard from Moline
Can you watch either cable or broadcast TV from orbit. What exactly do you do for entertainment when in orbit.
Charlie from Duck Key
What will you see, if you look straight down at Earth from the Space Station? Are you within sight of the Cape? Can you see the Keys? Thanks
Luiz Henrique from R. Preto, Brazil
How I can became an astronaut? What I have to study?
Emily from Olympia, Washington
How long do you sleep each day and how many of the crew are awake at any one time?
Michael from Frankfurt/M
How does it feel to be on the the shuttle during reentry an approach? Is it noisy or turbulent?
Evgeny from Petah Tikva
Do astonauts really know how to manage the space ship, or they just get commands from Earth?
Clint from London
Have your experiences being in outer space and looking down on the Earth bought you closer to God? Has it changed your life outlook at all?
Mark from Gainesville
How long does it take after liftoff to break the sound barrier, and could you describe what noises remain after doing so (i.e. turbopumps, stringer creaks, etc.)d
Andy Deasey from West Middlesex
Why is STS-107 launching when STS-109 has already launched?
Mrs. Clough 4th Grade from Orlando
How has the scientific method helped you with experiments about the shuttle?
Taela from Perth/Australia
When you are in space, do you fall asleep when you are sleepy. And where do you sleep?
Stefan from Southampton, England
Did you ever look up in to space as a kid and say 'One day I'm gonna go there!?'
Carl from Lakeland
What does it actually feel like during liftoff? Vibration and G force, are you able to move your body, arms or legs or speak? And how long before you can function?
Matthew from Perth/Australia
Are there many buttons on the shuttle?
NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center