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Shuttle Series: Launch of STS-107 -- Day Two

Cris Guidi Cris Guidi
Host & Presenter

Event Date: January 16, 2003

Program: The STS-107 Spacehab Mission
+ View Question Board
+ View Opening Credits, STS-107 Weather Update and Shuttle Update
+ View Mission and Crew Overview
+ View Launch through SRB Separation with Closing Comments and Credits
+ View Day One Programming

Janice VossSpecial Guest:
Janice Voss
Ever wondered what it's like to be an astronaut? Submit your questions to veteran astronaut Janice Voss and find out!
+ View STS-107 Astronaut Question and Answer Session
+ View Question and Answer Board

Prize Winners:
Jonathon from Louisville - Space Shuttle Processing
Rich from Elk Grove - Spacehab
Rich from Elk Grove - Astronaut
Emily from Olympia - Astronaut

Our grand prize winners each received a STS-113 mission poster.