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Christi Gau Pagnanelli
ISS Project Manager
S1 and P1 Truss Segments
Boeing Company, California

Christi Gau Pagnanelli is the space station project manager for both the S1 and P1 truss segments. She manages and coordinates across several divisions: design, assembly, testing and sell-off of these elements to NASA.

Gau Pagnanelli graduated as valedictorian from a small town school and pursued a degree in aerospace engineering at Iowa State University. While at ISU, she interned with NASA Lewis Research Center and performed research on experimental rocket nozzles. She then interned with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, analyzing the thruster valve cycles for the mission profile on the Galileo project.

After graduating in 1989 with a Bachelor of Science in aerospace engineering, Gau Pagnanelli accepted a position with the McDonnell Douglas Corporation, now the Boeing Company, in Huntington Beach, California to work on the International Space Station. Her job duties have varied in the last 13 years from managing requirements and specifications to system layouts.

She was born in rural Iowa and loves visiting her family farm regularly. She volunteers for the Youth Motivational Task Force promoting education to at-risk teens. In addition to making sure her segments are launch worthy, she loves playing beach volleyball, biking, ice skating, horseback riding and music.

NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center