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Benoît Marcotte
Operations Engineering
Space Systems Gropu
Canadian Space Agency

Benoît Marcotte assumed the position of Director, Operations Engineering within the Space Systems group of the Canadian Space Agency in August 1999. He also assumed the responsibilities of the Deputy Program Manager for Operations of the Mobile Servicing System (MSS) Program of the International Space Station (ISS) and, in December 2001, while continuing to assume his responsibilities as Director, was appointed as Program Manager of the Canadian Space Station Program.

His responsibilities include the provision of MSS training for ISS crew and ground support personnel, the operations of the St-Hubert ground segment, the effective MSS mission operations support, the utilization of the CSA assigned on-orbit experimental facilities and the support for Canadian sponsored payloads to fly on ISS and the Logistics and Sustaining Engineering of the MSS throughout its life-cycle. He is the manager who led the team which prepared the Mobile Base Systems as well as its overall operational support for its launch on STS-111. As Program Manager of the Canadian Space Station Program, he joins his American, Russian, European and Japanese counterparts to manage the construction, maintenance and utilization of the International Space Station, a unique laboratory orbiting the earth since 1998.

Benoît Marcotte joined the Canadian Space Agency in August 1999 after retiring from a military career at the rank of Colonel in the Canadian Air Force. During his 28 years of active Service, he was primarily a fighter pilot and assumed the positions of Squadron Commander of a CF-18 Squadron, Wing Commander of 3 Wing, a CF-18 Wing at Bagotville, Québec, twice as contingent commander of a deployed CF-18 force to Europe and Director of Operations for the Canadian NORAD Region Headquarters. He holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario and a Bachelor of Engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada.

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