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History Series: Dr. Kurt H. Debus, Kennedy's First Center Director

Carey McCleskey Host & Presenter
Carey McCleskey
Technical Manager
Spaceport Engineering & Technical Directorate

The Webcast took place on December 9, 2002 at 11:30 a.m. EST.
Relive our Debus webcast and learn more about the Kennedy Space Center's first center director. Your questions are answered by our panel of experts.

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JoAnn H. Morgan Special Guest:
JoAnn Morgan
Director, External Relations
& Business Development Directorate
Program Description:
Along with more than 100 of his peers, Dr. Kurt Debus came to the United States from Germany at the close of World War II, bringing years of rocket expertise to the early American missile program. Find out about the achievements that led to Debus' role as KSC's first Center Director.
Sigi Northcutt Special Guest:
Sigi Northcutt
Program Description:
Learn more about Dr. Kurt Debus when his daughter, Sigi Northcutt, answers questions submitted by the public to our Question Board.