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History Series: Bumper - The Story Behind the First Launches From the Cape

Stan Starr Host:
Stan Starr
Chief Engineer
Dynacs Corporation

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The Bumper Webcast took place on January 31, 2003 at 2 p.m. EST.
Relive our Bumper Webcast and learn more about the some of the first launches from Cape Canaveral. Your questions are answered by our panel of experts.

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Elizabeth Carlton Bain Special Guest:
Liz Bain
Former Radio Operator
Program Description:
Mrs. Bain was pressed into service at Cape Canaveral because of critical shortage of personnel needed to launch the Bumper 7 and 8 missiles. She monitored radio interference, just feet away from the Bumper missile. Get her unique perspective of this launch during a live question and answer session following Stan's presentation.
Norris Gray Special Guest:
Norris Gray
Former Fire chief
Program Description:
Mr. Gray was Cape Canaveral's Fire Chief and Emergency Services Officer for the Launch Area. He was instrumental in readying the elaborate fire protection systems and other safety procedures for Bumper 8's launch. Hear his unique perspective of this launch, as he answers your questions live following Stan's presentation.