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Dr. Kurt Debus, Kennedy's First Center Director
Question Board

Below are all of the questions submitted to the Dr. Kurt Debus, Kennedy's First Center Director question board from around the globe. Each question submitted undergoes a screening process by the chat moderator. Questions are reviewed and edited for grammar and spelling, then posted to the question board.

Dorie from Aurora
At the time Dr. Debus was the first Center Director, how many other NASA centers were in existence?
courtney from perry
What was the first rocket called?
Richard from Melbourne, FL
How much of Cape Canaveral facilities as we know them now existed before Dr. Debus arrived?
Jaclyn from Melbourne, FL
What are the historical milestones best associated with Dr. Debus term of service as KSC Center Director?
Terry from Cocoa
What were the three top characteristics that you recall that enabled Dr. Debus to develop this Center from a fledgling arm (MFL)of then ABMA into the successful NASA Launch Operations Center during the Apollo era?
Terry from Cocoa
How did Dr. Debus' management style compare to today's Center Director. Discuss advantages and disadvantages.
Marylou from Dubuque
How long was Dr. Debus the Center Director at the Kennedy Space Center?
Mike from Orange City
Did Dr. Debus become an American Citizen?
Aren from Vermont
Did Dr. Debus like Florida or Alabama better, as a place to live?
Cletus from Scottsmoore, FL
How did Dr. Debus get that scar on his chin? I heard it was from a sword fight. Is that true?
roy tharpe from merritt Island
Was Dr. Debus KSC's first launch director?
Davis from New York
How did Dr. Debus get along with the other Germans? Was he high-ranking among them when they first came over from Germany?
Sarah from Melbourne, FL
What did Dr. Debus think of the changes that took place within the space program over the course of his lifetime?
Taita from tg-jiu
What did Dr. Debus think about the relations between NASA and others research centers from abroad?
NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center