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Carey M. McCleskey
Technical Manager
Systems Engineering Office
Spaceport Engineering & Technology Directorate
John F. Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Carey McCleskey is currently serving as Technical Manager for the Systems Engineering Office in the Engineering Division of the Spaceport Engineering & Technology Directorate. He is active in advanced reusable space launch concepts and technologies and is directly involved in Kennedy Space Center's (KSC's) contribution to NASA's Space Launch Initiative (SLI). His work involves organizing teams of experienced systems engineers to conduct detailed analyses of reusable space transportation ground operations, deriving advanced engineering concepts, and searching for technology opportunities. Special attention is directed toward communicating operations problems and alternative space launch system solutions to various designers, technologists and research scientists in other NASA Centers, military services and federal agencies, as well as in industry and universities.

Mr. McCleskey has worked for NASA at the Kennedy Space Center for 24 years of its 40-year history. His career began in 1978 as an aerospace engineering college co-op student trainee with assignments in the Structural Operations Branch (1978-79), the Spacelab Avionics Division (1979-80) and the Space Shuttle Flight Controls Systems Section (1981-82), where he earned a NASA Group Achievement Award for the first Space Shuttle launch (STS-1). In June of 1983 he graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelors of Aerospace Engineering and a Cooperative training program certificate. Following graduation, he converted to a full-time KSC employee and was a member of the Space Shuttle Launch Team through 1999.

He has earned several Group Achievement awards and NASA's "Snoopy" Award for work performed in returning the Space Shuttle to flight status following the Challenger accident. He became supervisor of the Flight Controls Systems Section in 1992 and has since been active in technology development programs. Mr. McCleskey formed a government, industry, and academia "Spaceport Synergy Team" in 1996 and was the team's leader as it explored advanced spaceport operations concepts and developed analytical models in a Vision Spaceport project (1997-2001). In 2000 he joined KSC's newly-created Spaceport Engineering & Technology Directorate, serving in Spaceport Technology Development.

Mr. McCleskey was born in Monroe, Louisiana in 1960 and graduated from GlenOak High School in North Canton, Ohio in 1978. He married the former Kerry J. Berta of Savannah, Georgia in 1984. His family currently resides in Titusville, Florida, where he and Kerry have three children: Tim, Grace and Mark. He enjoys traveling and touring with his family, genealogy research and occasional carpentry and woodworking.

NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center