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Elizabeth Carlton Bain
Former Radio Operator
Bumper 7 & 8 Launches
Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Mrs. Bain was born in 1916 in Bower, West Virginia and graduated from high school in the neighboring town of Mann. After high school she entered government service related to mining. She later moved to New Jersey where she bore and raised a son and two daughters.

She reentered civil service after Pearl Harbor, working at the U.S. Army Signal Corps Electronic Laboratory at Fort Monmouth. Entering as GS-1 typist, she advanced to GS-7 by 1947 when she moved to nearby Watson Laboratories as part of the creation of the independent U.S. Air Force.

In 1949, she transferred to the Joint Long Range Proving Ground to continue her work in personnel recruiting and training. Due to critical shortage of personnel needed to launch the Bumper 7 and 8 missiles, she was pressed into service at the launch facility at Cape Canaveral monitoring radio interference. Her post was only feet away from the Bumper missile.

After the Bumper program, she resumed her personnel duties, where she filled over 2000 jobs through 1957. She moved with her second husband, Jack Bain, as he was transferred to Illinois and Minnesota, but eventually they permanently returned to the Space Coast, becoming involved in the lapidary business. Liz has been active in the social life wherever she has lived, and was one of the founders of the Patrick Civilian Organization in 1950 and was active in Officer's Wives Clubs and volunteer work at each of her husband's postings.

NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center