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Joel Tumbiolo
Launch Weather Officer and
Chief Weather Forecaster
Delta Program
Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida

Joel L. Tumbiolo, a member of the 45 Weather Squadron at Patrick AFB, Fla., is the Delta Program Launch Weather Officer at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. He serves as Chief Weather Forecaster for all Delta program operations and is responsible for planning, monitoring, and leading all weather support. As the Launch Weather Officer, his responsibilities include total weather support integration into pre-launch operations, launch countdown simulations, final terminal countdowns, and post-launch data analysis.

Tumbiolo has held this position since March 1991. From September 1988 to March 1991, he served as Meteorologist Instructor at Chanute Air Force Base in Ill.

He earned an associate's degree in geology from Vincennes University in 1981, and a bachelor's degree in atmospheric science from Purdue University in 1983. Tumbiolo earned a master's degree in atmospheric science from Texas Tech University in 1989.

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