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Launch Services Webcasts: Swift Science and Spacecraft
Question Board

Morris from Sunrise
How long will Swift remain active and what is the follow-on to it?
Cheyenne from Dalton
How will it catch the bursts, how long do they last, how fast do they move and how will it effect the spacecraft?
Junichi Maki from NIIHAMA-CITY
How accurately does SWIFT analyze the origins of gamma-ray bursts?
Junichi Maki from NIIHAMA-CITY
The most well-known gamma rays come from solar activities, which threaten the astronauts on the ISS and sometimes does much damage to the computers of satellites. What is the difference between these gamma rays and gamma-ray bursts from the unknown universe?
Junichi Maki from NIIHAMA-CITY
As I know gamma rays do a lot of harm to life, how dangerous are gamma-ray bursts from somewhere in universe?
Junichi Maki from NIIHAMA-CITY
How long or how short do gamma-ray bursts last on average?
Junichi Maki from NIIHAMA-CITY
I think astronomers so far have several hypotheses of the origins of gamma-ray bursts; what are the most likely processes of gamma -ray bursts?
Junichi Maki from NIIHAMA-CITY
How large an amount of energy do gamma-ray bursts spread in an instant? Please explain it in concrete for me.
Junichi Maki from NIIHAMA-CITY
How many gamma-ray bursts occur in a year?
Junichi Maki from NIIHAMA-CITY
How soon are we supposed to learn the origins of gamma-ray bursts?
Junichi Maki from NIIHAMA-CITY
How does the amount of energy from gamma-ray bursts compare to the total amount of solar energy in a year? What is the most powerful and advanced detector of SWIFT's equipment?
Junichi Maki from NIIHAMA-CITY
Since NASA has launched some x-ray and gamma ray telescopes in space, observing many galaxies or nebulas, have scientists ever observed gamma-ray bursts? If so, are SWIFT's capabilities better than any other gamma ray telescopes in space and/or on Earth?
Blake from Auckland
Is it possible for energy to be absorbed from natural energy fields produced by matter -- e.g. the human electromagnetic field?
Junichi Maki from NIIHAMA-CITY
What are the three instruments of SWIFT, which allow SWIFT to solve the mystery of gamma-ray bursts?
Rick from Cincinnati
The streaming video of Swift shows several different colored coverings: reflective gold at the bottom, a band of reflective silver in the middle, and dull gray at the top. What are their different purposes?
Tim from Seattle
Could gamma-ray bursts be an after-effect from matter and anti-matter colliding together?
Nesanel from Monsey, New York
Will the Swift mission be detecting gamma-ray bursts forever? If not how long will Swift be detecting gamma-ray bursts?
Nesanel from Monsey, New York
How often do gamma-ray bursts occur?
Robert from York, South Carolina
Will Swift also be able to measure the accuracy of gamma ray cycles of sources such as nearby black holes, globular clusters, merging galaxies in time variance (time between bursts) as well as how much power has been generated (i.e. gigawatt)?
Robert from York, South Carolina
If Swift exceeds its expected life, is it possible to maintain, repair, or replace parts with the space shuttle or the next generation of them?
Samuel from Kuala Lumpur
Could it be possible that gamma-ray bursts are not produced by newborn black holes by by neutron stars? Imagine a MASSIVE star that went supernova and left behind a neutron star that still exceeded the Chandrasekhar limit and went "supernova" as well. It would release loads of neutrons, therefore creating gamma radiation. Because of the super-density of the neutron star, if it somehow exceeded the Chandrasekhar limit and went "supernova" it would no doubt create an extremely huge explosion which might explain the gamma-ray bursts if it is correct.
Mustafa Fayyaz from Monmouth Junction, New Jersey
One objective of the Swift mission is to use gamma-ray bursts to study the early universe. How can that be possible? What does the objective mean?
Lyn from London
What does a rainbow look like from space please?
Johnson from South Windsor
Will the x-ray telescope be the most powerful x-ray telescope in our history?
NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center