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Launch Services Webcast: Swift Launch Operations
Question Board

Perry from Seattle
I have two children, 13 and 10, who are interested in everything NASA. Is it possible to view the launch of this mission? How do I stay updated on launch status?
Marc from Bowie, Maryland
Why is the Swift Payload being used for the Delta II rocket? Could you use the Delta IV rocket for this kind of a payload?
Marc from Bowie, Maryland
How long does it take for the solid rocket boosters to separate from the Delta II rocket? Also, can you tell me why is this being launched from SLC-17A?
Junichi Maki from NIIHAMA-CITY
How long does it take for SWIFT get activated to begin to observe gamma-ray bursts after launch?
Junichi Maki from NIIHAMA-CITY
In terms of observing gamma-ray bursts what is the most advantageous orbit for SWIFT? Could you tell me SWIFT's orbit?
Ed from Los Angeles
How is the envelope or window of opportunity for launching determined?
NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center