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Launch Services Series: Swift Launch Operations Overview
Program Introduction and Welcome

James Kennedy: Hello and welcome. Thank you for joining NASA Direct's coverage of the launch of Swift from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. I'm Jim Kennedy, Director of NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center which oversees the launch operations of all of NASA's robotic space exploration missions.

NASA's Swift mission was designed to enhance our understanding of gamma-ray bursts. The Swift observatory will pinpoint the location of these fleeting and distant explosions that could signal the beginning of black holes and help us better understand the origins of our universe.

Our NASA team is excited to participate in this ground-breaking mission. At this very moment, Swift is poised on Pad 17A aboard a Boeing Delta II rocket awaiting liftoff. Processing of the spacecraft and launch vehicle has gone well and we are optimistic that, with good weather, our launch will occur on time.

Please enjoy today's webcast and stay tuned to NASA Television and our live launch day Web coverage for updates on the launch.

Thanks again for being with us today as Swift joins NASA in the next chapter in space flight history.