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Launch Services Program Series: Swift

Rex Engelhardt Host:
Rex Engelhardt
Mission Integration
Launch Services
Science and Spacecraft Overview
Gamma-ray bursts are the most powerful explosions the Universe has seen since the Big Bang. Swift's three instruments will allow scientists to see these mysterious events like never before.
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Joe Dezio Special Guest:
Joe Dezio
Swift Project
Program Introduction and welcome
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Artist concept of Swift spacecraft. Special Guest:
Tim Gehringer
Deputy Project
Overview: Gehringer explains why the Swift spacecraft and its trio of specialized instruments is perfectly suited to the hunt for gamma-ray bursts.
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John Nousek Special Guest:
John Nousek
Mission Director
Penn State
Overview: Nousek provides an overview of the complex science and technology involved in the Swift mission.
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Dr. Neil Gehrels Special Guest:
Dr. Neil Gehrels
Swift Principal
Goddard Space
Flight Center
Overview: How will the Swift spacecraft chase gamma-ray bursts on the fly? Gehrels answers your questions.
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Prize Winner:
Mustafa from New Jersey

Our Grand Prize winner will receive a Swift program package comprising an official launch poster, mission fact sheet, patch and lapel pin.